What are Tooth Implants?

Dental Implants are a modern implant procedure which involves a metal post that is surgically implanted into the jawbone, and thus utilized as an anchor for crown, bridge, or partial or full denture. An implant is mainly carried out to replace the tooth roots, and thus facilitating a stronger foundation for the artificial tooth attached to the abutment.

There are several types of Tooth Implant available in Ottawa:-

Single Tooth Implant

Multiple Teeth Implant

Dentures which are Implant Supported

Teeth in a Day

Consult a dentist to find out which type of tooth implant you would require together with the approximate Cost of Tooth Implant in Ottawa.

Advantages of Tooth Implant:

(1) Better Comfort: The discomfort caused by removable dentures is diminished by implants as with time they become a part of you and act completely natural.

(2) Better Appearance: You get the feel and look of natural teeth with Implants as they become permanent once they fuse with the bone.

(3) Enhanced Speech: Your words might slur or you might experience mumbling as the teeth might slip within the mouth in case the dentures are poorly fitted. On the other hand, there is no need to worry that your replacement teeth might slip with Tooth Implant and thus ensure that you can speak clearly.

(4) Effortless Eating: Slipping Dentures might always make your chewing difficult, just like with speech. But, luckily, with Tooth Implants, you can relish your favorite dishes without any pain or discomfort.

(5) Boosts Self Esteem: Looking to restore your beautiful smile? Regain your confidence with Tooth Implant in Ottawa.

(6) Revamps Oral Health: Dental Bridges are tooth supported, but with Tooth Implant, there is no need to alter with other teeth. Your Oral Health is improved in the long term as none of the nearby teeth are diminished in order to hold the implant and thus more of your healthy teeth are left intact.

(7) Longevity: With proper care, Tooth Implants can last many years and thus are incredibly durable.

(8) Convenience: The inconvenience and embarrassment associated involved in removing dentures together with the requirement of messy adhesives are completely eliminated by Tooth Implants.

Estimated Cost of Tooth Implant in Ottawa:-

For a single dental implant in Ottawa, you can expect to pay anywhere between 900$ to 3000$. But, a full mouth reconstructive dental implant can cost you up to 96,000$. The cost of Tooth Implant in Ottawa primarily depends on factors like:

The type of Implantation.

Professional who executes the surgery.

The exact location of surgery.

The material of implant

Health Plans or Dental Insurance.


After taking into consideration the crown material and the surgery, in general, the approximate cost of Tooth Implant in Ottawa is around the 3000$ benchmark. You should always remember that you should always get hold of a trusted and certified professional for undergoing the Implant surgery. Before moving forward, it is highly recommended to get hold of the several quotes.


What you need to know about Tooth Implants in Ottawa:-


With failure rates under 5 per cent, Tooth Implants are made to last a lifetime. Owing to less dense jaw bone, the chances of failure of upper jaw implants are slightly higher.

You may require a bone regeneration membrane or a bone graft to support the implant if you have experienced bone loss in your jaw. The device can get loose and fail in case the bone does not heal securely around the installed implant.

Always choose an experienced dental specialist, who specialize in Implants. Don’t be in a quandary to ask about all the steps involved and an estimate Cost of Tooth Implant in Ottawa.

Final Thoughts:

Tooth Implants in Ottawa are definitely worth the cost. You always need to feel comfortable and confident about your smile. You can surely restore your confidence with Tooth Implants as it facilitates a permanent tooth replacement solution. Just get in touch with those who offer top quality implant dentistry services in Ottawa.



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