Why buy custom auto bottom display tray boxes?

As packaging plays an important role in conveying messages from sellers to buyers or from industries to the marketplace. So, to meet this demand there is a wide range of Custom display boxes that help to show elegant packaging of a product. These boxes may be single or double walled and we can choose them according to our choice of any shape, color and size.

Good display is very important for the marketing of a product that cannot be done by any person. Some people who have a creative mindset toward things can design them according to the customer’s interest. Such persons are highly demanded in the market because of their creativity. It is a fact that packaging attracts more people as compared to product’s quality.

Custom display boxes may be made up of cardboard that can be recycled or may be of disposable material that should be discarded after use. Either they may be recyclable or disposable, and must be attracted by the buyers. It is now a great competition to make your product attractive and decent in the age of high competition.

These display boxes are shaped like the casual trays we use in our homes to serve in front of guests or in our everyday use. They may be of square or rectangular shape. It can be placed on the top shelves or on the countertops. Boxes are cut from front sides that make them handy to stack the products inside.

Food bottom tray boxes:

These boxes are designed in a pre-glued formula that gives a special and elegant shape to the boxes. Food auto bottom tray boxes are made to pack a food product. That food product may be biscuits, candies and other exciting products. Bottom of these boxes is pre-structured and placed on display counters where there is a requirement to display boxes prominently.

They have a convenient cover top that can be folded and form a plate or a board. By doing this, they can be flattened easily and return to their previous condition without having any problem. Their structural lines and shapes give them an ideal shape which we can call flawless boxes.

Printed tray boxes:

We can draw any design or print the tray boxes accordingly. If there should be the packaging of biscuits or candies for the children, then it must be an exciting and colorful print that can attract children but if the product is something else like medicines or cosmetics then decent and elegant design is best for packaging.

We can draw a logo design on the box or a special brand print that gives specifications. A 3D design tool should be used to draw a print on the box and its display lid that is impactful.

Auto bottom boxes display:

Most common type of tray boxes are auto bottom boxes with a display. Display lid should be efficient and flexible. These boxes have a bottom which is auto lock and the lid that is auto-foldable. When the lid pops up, it creates a soothing effect for the buyers. We can get elegant packaging at a very low cost.

They are exceptional and low cost, especially designed to attract buyers. It can store products easily and keep them safe from damage during shipping. The most important factor is that we can handle it without any hassle.

Personalized auto bottom tray boxes:

We can express our exceptional thoughts on the packaging boxes or can draw a design of our own choice. As marketing is more important than the product itself, it is very essential for a brand to take care of their packaging. A brand has its own standard that makes its things innovative from others.

One can hire a logo designer to draw beautiful and catchy designs on the boxes. In case of tray boxes, lid designing is impactful as it catches attention first. These can be crafted in any shape, size and style depending upon the requirement of the brand or the consumers.

It is necessary for a brand to mention the product’s ingredients, benefits, methods of usage and brand. There are numerous options one can mention on the top lid while entering data. That’s the great benefit of personalized auto bottom tray packaging.

Types of display tray boxes:

There are various types of display tray boxes based on their shape and size easily available from different manufacturer companies. These may include:

Cardboard display tray boxes

Self-locked counter display tray boxes

Counter display tray boxes

Cosmetic display tray boxes

Perforated display tray boxes

Seal end auto bottom tray boxes

Double wall tuck front

Gable box auto bottom box

Custom display trays are easily affordable and foldable auto bottom boxes. They have perforated lines that are folded and attain a new shape afterwards and return back to their previous condition when required.

Benefits of auto bottom display tray boxes    

Custom display trays is the best presentation tool for the products that make them beautiful and catchy. We can design them according to our choice and keeping in mind our customers.

It can be used for specific sizes and types of products, so you can stock a large variety of products and easily see which ones are empty. It is easy to display on the shelves, which is convenient for customers who want to check out the products in detail.

With automatic bottom display tray boxes, you can quickly complete product processing after filling them with different kinds of goods at home, then send to the customer directly. It looks neat with a smart design and tile-like pattern on the bottom of each box.

Auto bottom display tray boxes are a great way of improving the look of your retail store. They also improve customer experience, increase sales, and provide them with more payment options.

There’s a reason why bottom display tray boxes are so popular in the grocery industry. You need to make sure your product is seen and ready for customer purchase.

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