What exactly is Amazon Airpod Raffle Scam?

The way we shop for groceries has changed digitally. We don’t have to leave the house to purchase the latest technology, and lucrative deals that never run out and it’s safe to declare that Amazon has completely changed the way we live. However, the level of attention Amazon has attracted makes it a to be a target for scammers and imposters. Although the majority of users are aware of scammers that lurk behind the scenes it is still possible to fall victim to being a lone person who isn’t thinking about the ramifications of writing the financial information of their customers.

Today, we’ll inform you about the latest Amazon scam that is currently on the market We hope to help you identify the fraudsters before they move.

What exactly is Amazon Airpods Raffle Scam?

As the name implies the ‘Amazon pod raffle Scam’ is a scam that promises users one of the biggest pieces of technology available and also steals your personal information from your account. If you’re a lover of the Apple Airpods, the congratulatory message that announces you’ve won the Airpods in the raffle is sure to leave you wondering about the thrilling process of unboxing.

If you are enticed by the possibility of winning the much-loved set of wireless headphones, the scammers will easily take you to a fraudulent website and steal your account information before you realize the underlying issue.

What is the procedure for Amazon Airpods Raffle Scam work?

As you’ve seen scammers reach their objective by luring you into a false text message that impersonates Amazon. Typically, these messages inform you that you’ve won the Airpods and Amazon must verify your identity before delivering the order. These credentials are “verified” via a hyperlink which is included in the text. By clicking on the link, it will take you to the official website which is where the actual theft of identity is carried out.

Based on the scammer, you might be required to input your name, address, number, Amazon username, password and bank account information, and much more. If you are naive in following the directions on the site it is likely that the security of your accounts could be compromised.

How can you spot scammers?

The good news is that the process of identifying Amazon fraudsters in 2021 won’t be much of a problem. All you need to do is watch your back and be on the lookout for indications. The first thing you need to look for should be the sender’s ID. In the event that Amazon decides to offer you an Airpods, they will not just send you a text via one of the official channels and not a personal number, but you’ll be sent an email that contains all the information.

Additionally, Amazon will never ask for sensitive details from its customers, like account passwords and bank account information and much more.

Because Amazon is also your postal address they’ll not send you a blank form and request you to fill it out. Furthermore, if, in your life, you do not put your name in the hat, then you’re not likely to get anything as important as the pair of Airpods in the middle of nowhere. If you’re not sure if you entered the contest, it’s likely this is a clear phishing scam. In addition, the hyperlink you’ll see in your email and the website it’s pointing to is also the furthest thing from an official Amazon website.

If you receive an email that ticks all of the above boxes Don’t hesitate to label it an untrue message and rescind the lucrative offer.

What do you do when you receive a “phishy’ message?

When you have identified the “phishy” message After that, the next course procedure becomes much easier. It is necessary to take some steps to make sure that the message you received is properly handled.

As you’ll be receiving the message from a private phone number, you may feel a strong urge to return to the number to let them get a hold of your thoughts. Although we won’t be blamed for taking the bait we do need to be aware of the consequences that such a decision could bring.

When you reply to a message that is spam by replying, you’re basically telling the sender your phone number is active and is likely to be targeted later on. The best method of action in this instance is to either not respond and erase the text message or make contact with authorities to initiate steps against the sender.

Others impersonators that you should be aware of

In the preceding part, Amazon is a hot popular choice for impersonators. For all of us, Amazon isn’t the only one being impersonated. Other major brands, like Netflix, Apple, and others are being shamelessly impersonated. They require your address, private financial information, passwords and usernames for specific services. Since every scammer follows the same guidelines and you are able to avoid the traps they set for you if adhere to the fundamental signs we mentioned above and refrain from responding to them via email or text.


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