Want to Add Something Valuable to Your Resume? Try Abroad Study

If you opened this page, you’re probably reading the heading again and again. Now, you probably think I’m crazy for writing this and want to throw a rock at me. I understand how you must feel. It’s bad enough that most awesome internships are unpaid (it’s like the company is doing you a favor, and not the other way around). On top of that, paying large amounts of cash for airfare, housing, and other living expenses would be an added bummer.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to change your mind by the end of this article. So, let’s begin by listing reasons against why you would actually want to intern abroad. Stamp Visa is one of the top Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi that provide you right guidance. Let’s suppose you have the cash needed, now what? What on earth would an international internship get you that a local internship wouldn’t? Well, let’s see.

Cross-Cultural Exposure:

Cross-cultural exposure is definitely a marketable skill. When you intern abroad, you don’t just get to work with the people of the same nationality and language, you get to work with a lot of people from divengineering-studentserse cultures (or one particular culture). This gives you the opportunity to learn from another culture and develop what they call, “cross cultural sensitivity”.

 More opportunities: Many students decide to gain experience in a field that is not relevant in any way to their future career. They are left with few choices where they live, especially if the environment is a very competitive one. International opportunities give you the benefit of being able to select your field or area of interest. There’s a huge range of global options! The list is endless!

Networking: What’s a network that goes beyond your own locality? Awesome! An international network is much stronger and more marketable. People in other countries tend to have different a wide array of unique talents and capabilities which you may not find in your own home country. Take, for example, the Indians. You’re sure to find plenty of tech-savvy, mathematical geniuses there who are willing to help you out with an assignment anytime. And for half the cost an American would charge you!

Increased Language Proficiency: Many international students learn a language in just a month because of regular use and exposure. This is a great opportunity to learn or enhance language proficiency. You might get to learn a new set of vocabulary that will allow you to communicate with customers. Interacting with the other colleagues will also get you talking in a completely different foreign language you never dreamed of.

The Oomph in Your Resume: To stand out and impress an employer you have to have “oomph” in your resume. Naturally, a person with a different quality from the other applicants tends to — stand out. There are a few chances that the other applicants would have the same experience you had – particularly an international one. When you go on to explain how useful and meaningful your experience at the internship is, it will certainly give you a competitive edge. This is sure to add great value to your resume.

 A Chance to Get an Offer in that Country: Although, this is definitely one of the benefits, it should not be the only one. This might be, at times, the only reason why a student would want it to apply abroad, but it shouldn’t be. However, we won’t deny that it is an added benefit. Allowing yourself to become familiar with the language, practices, and culture of another country is a surefire way to increase your chances of earning a job in that country. They might even welcome a foreign student with open arms since it adds to their diversity of culture and other international benefits.

Once your internship is complete, you are definitely going to come back to your home country with a new-found confidence that was never there before. Interning abroad gives you the chance to initiate and be at it yourself. You learn and grow because you are alone and you have to survive with all that you’ve got. This is a great learning experience, especially for those who lack in the “confidence” department.

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