Walking The Kashmir Great Lakes: a complete guidebook.



It is believed that the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is among the toughest trekking routes throughout the entire region. This, in conjunction and the fact it’s only recently opened to public allows you to admire amazing mountain views in total tranquility throughout the journey.

The 7-day trek will take you through the most varied terrain of the Himalayas. The dense pine forests are replaced by endless grasslands, punctuated by stunning mountains along with glacial lakes. If you’re in search of stunning mountain views, breathtaking canyons and crystal clear streams, this trek is the perfect choice for you. The first day of the hike we’ll hike 9km between Sonamarg to Nichnai which is followed by an uphill climb of 3 hours. This will be then a gradual climb to Nichnai which takes 4 hours. It is here that we stay for the night we start. After a difficult beginning, you’ll appreciate the rest of the trip.

Lake Kashmir

The second day  

When your efforts begin to begin to pay off. The trail runs through Nichnai Pass, which offers the first glimpse of the blue waters of Lake Kashmir. The scenery of this area is breathtaking, with endless meadows that are filled with wildflowers. There is also a hike through thick forests of Himalayan Birch trees, which provide cool shade from the hot sun. He hikes for seven hours through the plains and meadows, both up and down towards Lake Vishnusar.

Camping in the lake isn’t permitted There are some nice camping sites in the meadows that are nearby. 

Day 3 

the most difficult portions of the trip So, get some sleep.

Start by making an 8-hour journey to the nearest campsite up to 13,750 feet, before reaching Gadsar Pass. This is not for the faint of heart, be aware of this part. Climbing isn’t only physically demanding, it also requires excellent climbing skills. At the top, you can enjoy some of the most stunning panoramas of Vishnu Sar and Kishansar lakes which cut through the meadows of hilly landscape in the form of sapphire fragments. From here, it falls down through meadows which offer an enjoyable break from the mountain pass.


There is also the stunning waterfall, which is great for relaxing and bathing. When you walk across the vast grasslands you’ll see the herds of horses as well as Herds of Himalayan griffins.

After a night’s stay near Ghadsar and Ghadsar, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your fitness through a fairly easy hike on the previous day. The hike will last for around 4 hours before reaching Satsar Lakes where we will establish camp in the evening. The trail winds through dramatic valleys, and passes over a stunning glacier bridge, which offers 360-degree views of snowcapped peaks and huge meadows of green.


5th Day Two Lakes

The 5th day of you will embark on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek will bring you to stunning views. The six-hour drive takes you past two of his Lakes, Gangavar and Nandukor, with stunning panoramas of rugged landscapes once you pass through Zak Pass. The section climbs from 13,500-feet. After a day of exhausting climb, an thrilling camping spot is waiting for him upon the way. It’s situated at the shores of a clean mountain lake. It is an ideal spot to stargaze, especially at night where it is clear that the Milky Way can be seen in all its splendor.


Day 6 Hiking across vast grasslands

Day 6 starts with a treacherous rocky scramble. The area can be slippery, and it requires plenty of strength even though it’s a downhill. When you get to the bottom, you will be able to walk through the pine forests with a scrumptious scent. After many days of hiking through meadows, this area is a pleasant change. After two hours of pause from meadow views leave the trees and walk down the rock faces. This area is covered with sand, which is slippery, particularly when it is raining. However, the countryside can be a pleasant walk with its lakes, snow-capped peaks and flower-filled meadows everywhere. After an 11km walk, you’ll arrive at the finish line in Srinagar which is welcomed by people who are enthusiastic about the area. Relax your tired feet with a cup of chocolate and enjoy the view. From here, you can drive for three hours to Srinagar.

Trekking Difficulty:

This Bikat Rating Scale assesses the level of difficulty of all the hikes and excursions in our selection that take into consideration climate and geographical conditions.If you’re just beginning your journey and are unsure about your fitness level or what you can expect from a trip the BRS 1 hike on this scale is an excellent starting point to start.If you’ve had a great first experience on the trail and would like to push yourself next time, two or three hikes will be enough.On another hand those who are who are confident about their fitness can skip the initial two levels and begin directly with any of the three hikes.

4 The rules for the fourth level differ slightly. Prior experience in trekking is required to be able to take part in the next stage.


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