Types of Bulletproof Vests Used by American Defense Forces

A body armor, bulletproof vest, or military vest is high-grade protective equipment that uses top-quality defense material like Kevlar which can stop high-speed bullets. Many organizations, including the military and police, use different bulletproof vests in different situations. So, the quality of the vest and the level of protection a person requires may vary based on the situation they are putting themselves into. So, have you ever thought about the types of bulletproof vests available in the USA? Here let us answer your query.

Body armor

A body armor, also referred to as a bulletproof vest or ballistic vest, helps absorb and lessen the shock to the torso from fragmentation, explosions and firearm-fired projectiles. Many police officers, correctional officers, security guards, and some common people typically wear this. There are several sorts of vests providing various levels of protection, depending on what you require protection from.

Soft armor 

A soft armor is flexible and soft and its plates are incredibly robust and protective. They are typically worn as a covert body armor vest or plate carrier because they are light and thin, allowing better mobility.

Hard armor

A hard armor generally offers the maximum level of protection, but hard body armor plates are not as comfortable or lightweight as soft armor plates. Nevertheless, they can be easily placed into body armor vests or plate carriers.

Concealed vest

Vests with concealed body armor are made to be worn under casual attire or uniforms. Soft armor panels enable them to be unseen while offering complete protection from stab and gunshot threats. In addition, they also shield the torso from the front, rear, and sides.

Full body tactical armor

The military typically wears full body armor. It consists of a vest with front, side, and back protection that may be connected to other pieces of body armor, like a helmet, arm and leg guards, to protect most of the body. In contrast to the covert vest, this is designed to be worn on display over the clothing.

Plate Carrier

Another type of bulletproof vest is the plate carrier, which is lighter and more comfortable than full-body armor vests. They can support either soft or hard armor plates, depending on the needed level of protection. They are a popular alternative for the military and police services since they are lighter solutions that offer very strong protection and can be worn with military bulletproof vest.

Stab-proof vests

A stab-proof vest provides protection from sharp blade and prevent cutting or stabbing. Any weapon with a sharp tip is referred to as a spiked weapon. A syringe or anything else with a sharp edge is referred to as a spiked weapon. Ballistic protection may differ slightly from protection against stabbings. The stab vest may include fibers woven in layers and at a tighter weave to stop an edge-blade or spike from piercing the vest.

Multiple-threat armor

Multi-threat armor offers defense against a wide range of weapons and assaults. If a person faces many dangers or is unsure of what weapons their attackers may use, this kind of armor can be helpful. This form of armor is advantageous for those in law enforcement, who must have total protection from a wide range of dangers. The varieties of body armor could include both spike and stab-resistant vests.

Specialized bulletproof vest for women

Despite the fact that we have discussed various kinds of body armor, they are all primarily made for guys. Nevertheless, more lately, body armor for women has experienced a transition, and fresh, original designs have taken into account the needs of women who must wear body armor. Female employees can benefit from enhanced protection and wearability thanks to the modern changes in armor technology. In addition, some body armor can be modified to fit women by adding specialized inserts.

These are the popular types of bulletproof armor used by numerous organizations all over the US. These armors are one of the most popular defense pieces to protect a person from numerous threats. Moreover, they are easily available in defense stores, both online and offline.

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