What’s so unique that is unique Malvan?

Malvan is a stunning town located in Maharashtra. It truly is a paradise for seafood lovers. In Tarkarli close to Malvan there are beaches of sand. Tourists would visit these beaches frequently.

Tourists love this spot due to the beautiful, clean beaches and Scuba diving in Malvan. There are numerous tourist attractions like forts in the vicinity. The natural beauty of the area is stunning. The place offers snorkeling and Scuba diving for visitors.


Dive diving at Malvan

Scuba diving is among the most popular activities undertaken by visitors to Malvan. On Malvan beaches to go Scuba diving, a Cylinder/Air compressor will be stored in the boat . You will need to extract air out of the pipe and add value. This is connected to the air compressors supplied.

The depth you can dive underwater or the distance you cover will depend on the length of the pipe. Pipe length is determined from the diver’s mouth up to the compressor. 25-28 feet. is believed as the highest depth of Malvan Dive.


Best time

Between November and February, the visibility of the water will be incredibly clear and excellent. Therefore, if you’re contemplating a trip to Malvan dive in the winter, then this is a perfect time.

Best Route

The best way to go to this place by driving is to drive towards Kolhapur city and then take the Radhanagar road which is located in a forest. The alternative is to take Gaganbawada Ghat road and from there Vaibhavwadi. Through Fonda, you will be able to reach Kasal, and from there. 

The destination Malvan will be attained. Then, from the Malvan bus station you will be able to reach Tarkarli. Another spot called Devbag is located close by, and you can go to it as well.



From Pune From the Pune Malvan journey, the road from Gaganbawada is not in excellent condition. The Ghat is very relaxing with smooth, curvy roads. The most breathtaking or high-risk mountains are found. The most stunning view is the sunrise that can be seen by Tarkarli beach. Tarkarli beach. 

  • On the second day, you can visit the Sindhudurg fort is an ideal place to go. Scuba diving , as well as snorkeling, can be accomplished.
  • You can enjoy a swim and the beauty of the ocean.
  • A region that is extremely abundant and lies close to an fort.
  • The next stop is the Sindhudurg Fort.
  • If you’re visiting via boat, then it’s going to be much more convenient.
  • Guidebooks are available to explain the background and the history of Fort George.
  • It was constructed as directed by the Emperor of Maratha, Shivaji.
  • It’s got a unique feature which is that its main entry point has been designed so that nobody is able to spy at it from the outside.
  • The fort houses temples and representations of Shivaji are on display.


Other Places to visit

Another place to visit can be Devbag Beach. In addition to visiting Devbag Beach, it is also possible to visit Tsunami Island. You can also enjoy water sports too. Are you amazed at the name? This island has a rich history. It was formed following the Tsunami in 2004 which struck the coast and beach.

Prior to the Tsunami the area was submerged by 4 feet. The same was true in low tide times also. Following the Tsunami of 2004, the area was transformed into an isolated island. It was also submerged beneath the tides by about 2-3 feet. It appears to be tiny as you can see even at low tide as well.


Places to see

Because it is a region of beaches, you will find a variety of beaches. Talal Tondavali Beach, Vengurla Malvan Beach, Achara Beach, Wairy Ubhatwadi Beach, and Chivla Beach are present there. Rock Garden is another destination.

Many temples are located in the area. A few of them are Rameshwar temple Jay Ganesh Mandir, Shri Sateri Temple, Sateri Devi Jal Mandir, and Bhagwati Temple. Other temples include Shri Bhadrakali Temple, Bharti Devi Temple, Shri Wagheshwar Temple, Ghumadai Temple, Shri Jarimari Temple, and more.


Raghunath Market, Seabird Tourism, Malvan Marine Sanctuary, and Meena Aqua Museum are also present.

This appears to be a tiny island. It takes about 40 minutes to explore and view the beach and the entire island. A bumper ride could be performed here. Jet skis are also able to be enjoyed. The sunset is another captivating scene that you should not be able to miss. If you’re looking to experience all the water rides, then 3 to 4 days are advised. Then, you are able to return via Radhanagar Ghat.

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