Top 7 Free M4A to MP3 Converters

If you need a tool that can easily convert your files, whether they are in the standard audio format of Apple Music iTunes or Spotify then look no further than this list. We have compiled ten different online m4a to mp3 converters tools which will be able help with all sorts o fconversions from converting WAVE/WAV attachments right up through FLAC archives – even those pesky Betamax recordings!

1.Free-make Audio Converter

With the help of a free-make Audio Converter you can easily convert your M4A files into MP3 and save them on any device. This versatile tool supports more than 50 input formats, so it’s super easy to use! Just add some music or audio recordings from different sources – no need for registration whatsoever–and then hit “Convert” before merging multiple tracks together in one file later down the line if needed too.

2.Online Uniconverter

Online Uniconverter is like a one-stop shop for all your file conversion needs. It offers limitless options to compress and convert files with the quick turnaround time, making it an excellent tool in today’s busy world of work or school! With its easy drag n’ drop interface that lets you select what type(s)of M4A/MP3 track need converting next without having go through complicated settings menus – this program has everything anyone could ask from their equivalent online processor provider.


The best way to convert files is with free online tool, Zamzar! This simple and easy-to use program supports 1100+ formats which means you can get your audio or video conversion done in just about any format imaginable without having an installation on hand. The most incredible flexibility of this website? You don’t even need upload anything – all that’s needed are URLs (which automatically converts them).


Covert is a browser-based converter that makes transcoding easiest for you. In addition, it offers “Office Utility Tools” like OCR tools and files converter tool supports more than 3400 file formats .

This online free convert solution allows its users to add subtitles or captions on videos which are why this platform can be considered one of the best converters in our rundown! It also keeps your private data intact after successful conversion by only outputting WAVs as opposed other typical methods such as MP3 playback directly from YouTube where there may exist personally identifiable information (PII).

5.Online Audio Converter

Online Audio Converter has an intuitive and easy interface where you can add your M4A file into ”Open Files”, mark “Output Format” as MP3.

Online audio converters supports over 300 formats which means it’s not just a simple online transcoder that will do the job for us; there are various settings available such as converting one or multiple tracks at once (in batch mode), changing bitrate/channel ratio etc., all within Advanced Settings section! This tool also allows editing music files’ headers info like title Cousins constructive discharge

6. MediaHuman Audio Converter

The MediaHuman Audio Converter is a simple audio converter with no advanced features. This freeware software supports 30+ formats and can be used on both Windows or Mac OS computers, making it compatible for most users’ needs! With batch conversions enabled by default in this program (which lets you convert multiple files at once), there’s not much else I could ask from its Simple interface–just enough room left over after all these years spent browsing through complex programs looking out only.


The conversion process is very simple with VSDC as it allows you to choose from one of the many preset profiles and convert your file quickly. You can also customize certain details about how the audio will be sounded by using its Tag editor before saving them on a new name for later use if needed!


So there you have it – our list of the best online M4A to MP3 converters. We hope you found one that works well for you and your needs! Have any questions or comments? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a great streaming service, be sure to check out our comparison of Apple Music vs Spotify. Thanks for reading!

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