Top 5 Bungee Jumping in India


Do you love intense adventure? Are you looking for opportunities to experience the thrill of adrenaline? If so, then you should visit these spots in India to go the bungee jump and then let go. But, of course, you must follow all the safety precautions. In the world of adventure tourism, India is rapidly moving ahead with the rest of the world, and bungee jumping is growing in popularity. While the experience may be only a few seconds, the rush that one experiences is unimaginable. It is a part of the heart for all time.

Therefore, today you will be aware of some of the most amazing places to enjoy a lifetime experience of jumping from bungees, which you can keep for all the time in your life.

Top 5 spots for Bungee-jumping:


Jumpin Heights located in Mohan Chatti, situated in the town of Mohan Chatti, is well-known for offering the best jumps in bungees close to India. There’s no better option to India when you’re looking for an unmovable platform to jump from than bungee jumping in Rishikesh. The most expensive and thrilling place to try it is the cantilever platform, which is built on an incline that is jagged. Although it is frequently referred to as the most reputable location for bungee jumping across India, Mohan Chatti is definitely a paradise for those who love thrills.


The most thrilling bungee jumping experience that is not fixed in India is offered through Ozone Adventures in Bangalore. Despite the best efforts of the management to ensure the safety of everyone be aware! The safety of bungee jumping from cranes is not comparable to the safety of fixed platforms. Therefore, given the average elevation of Bangalore, the thrill of bungee jumping isn’t as thrilling. But, this problem is solved with the crane jump that can certainly boost your adrenaline.


If you are able to jump bungee-free in Delhi why would you go somewhere and not do it? To give you an adrenaline thrill, an adventure business has opened its doors within the Lodi Garden whenever you feel that you want to do something crazy, and jump off a high point. The bungee jump location is at a height of 130 feet. If you succeed in jumping you receive a t-shirt, a cap, and an adrenaline rush.


Goa is mentioned with each exciting development that happens in India. Bungee jumping is not any more different. In Goa Spend the whole day in Anjuna Beach enjoying the exhilaration of bungee-jumping. It might be the first time you’ve tried bungee jumping in India because of the small in height of the platform that is attached to an overhead crane. What’s more, then? The cost isn’t too high.


If you live in Mumbai or Pune In Pune or Mumbai, there are no places to bungee jump. But, Lonavala, which is located in between is among the most popular bungee jumping spots in India. One of the most popular adventures parks that you can find located in India can be found at Della Adventures, and bungee jumping is among the many things you can enjoy there. In Lonavala, it is a must to try bungee jumping.

A few tips to be considered prior to jump from bungees:

If you suffer from a long-lasting health issue or illness, you should ask your instructor at the bungee jumping site to determine if it’s appropriate to jump.

Take a light meal prior to your leap, rather than eating a huge meal. Also, try not to drink before leaping. If you’re in need of cooling off following your jump it is possible to get drinks afterward.

You should make sure that you don’t carry anything in your pockets or on your body that could be thrown off during your leap.

You’ll be able to finish the exercise easily by following the directions of the expert instructors.

Items that must be packed in case you intend to take part in bungee jumps:

Below is a list with the essentials that you should bring with you when planning to go bungee jumping


Relaxed attire is recommended like t-shirts, shorts or jeans.

Don’t wear high-heeled shoes, a dress and skirts.

Keep expensive items like cameras, phones, jewellery, etc. at your home.

Do not wear shoes. Regular sneakers work well.

Avoid wearing glasses or contact lenses because only soft contact lenses are allowed.

Dos and Don’ts to follow if you practice Bungee Jumping:

Here is a listing of the different bungee jumping rules and regulations you must remember prior to jumping:


Make sure you do your research thoroughly about the destination you are planning to visit.

Visit the doctor for a visit.

Do not eat too much prior to jumping.

Be attentive to the instructions.

Make sure you adhere to your instructor’s instructions.

Do not look down when jumping.

Bring your partner, friend, or a family member to share the experience.


Bungee jumping being one of the most thrilling activities for adventurers is not suitable for those with weak hearts and people suffering from an illness. Beyond that the sport of bungee-jumping is one of the most loved adventures and can give you a few unforgettable experiences that you’ll never forget in your lifetime.


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