Title: 5 E-learning Trends that Will Shape 2022

Till 2019 most things were going offline until the global pandemic hit the world. The pandemic did affect the education system too. Students are unable to attend offline classes anymore. No one knew that students would have to attend online classes from their phones or from their laptops.

At first, the main problem was that students were generally unable to get habituated with the whole process of doing class online. They were facing several issues such as lack of stable internet connection and communication problems. For example, when they used to attend offline classes at that time, they did not have to face these kinds of issues.

They can ask any kind of doubts, and they get it resolved easily. But anyhow, they were unable to attend offline classes because the schools and colleges were totally shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions, and also, they could not even go out because of the lockdown.

The main thing is that at the end of the day, both online learning and offline learning have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Just like homework help students to know about several things in the same way, e-learning helps students to take their own time and learn. As time went by, students got habituated to e-learning, and now they prefer it more than offline classes.

Let’s discuss five e-learning trends that will shape 2022.


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Adaptive learning: It is the style of learning where the modules are designed on the basis of the courses which are chosen by the students. For example, the module of a journalism student will consist of different kinds of exercises, quizzes and assessments.

In this way, students are able to learn things in the right way because they only have to learn the things which are related to their course. In this way, it is thus suggested that education providers who are providing online courses to the students must follow this process.

This can be considered as one of the most effective trends which will shape the whole e-learning structure of 2022. Another advantage is that they will save time in adaptive learning because they will only have to study what is under their course or the things which will be beneficial for their professional career.

Another part is that by doing adaptive learning students will not feel any kinds of stress, and they will only be able to concentrate on their courses and modules.


Social learning: Students might feel tired or stressed when they have to do a long homework at their home. But that same homework would have been done easily when they were in the classroom. This happens because when students are at home, they are doing the homework alone, but they are in the classroom, they are doing it with everyone.

This may seem illogical, but it is a fact when they are doing online classes, they have to do all the things by themselves. Just to feel that they are not doing it alone, e-learning platforms came up with a strategy known as social learning. By this, students are able to share files with each other, do classes together and they have their chat rooms. This is another e-learning trend that will shape 2022.


Video: Mainly, there are three kinds of learners: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. But the most effective way to learn is the audio-video way of learning. Where they can listen to the teacher, and they can see how to solve the sums or which formula to use to solve certain kinds of sums.

When students used to attend offline classes, they were habituated in this way to see the blackboard and to listen to the teacher. Thus it can be said that this trend will shape the eLearning trends of 2022.


Mobile learning: When mobile actually came, it was used to just make calls. Then the companies added cameras to it, and people started clicking pictures and videos with it. Then a time came when people could access the internet with the help of it.

Now, as with each passing day, the technology gets more and more advanced students can now attend online classes through it. This is another important trend. Because not all students do have laptops and desktops, another thing is that it is mobile and compact and is very easy to carry.

Students will be able to attend the classes whenever they want and when they want. The fact is that almost all students do have mobiles these days and also they have either internet sim card or wifi at their home. So, high chances are there that this trend will shape the learning process in 2022.


Recorded class: Students do lead a busy life these days. Even after college, too, they have work, and this is why the scheduled classes sometimes clash with their other engagements. This is the reason they sometimes are unable to do the live class. There is a feature called a recorded class.

The live classes which the students missed are all recorded, and they can access it and watch it at any time they want. If they are unable to understand anything, they can watch the video as many times as they like. If, even after that, they are unable to get the point, then they can contact the teacher or the professor directly. This is one important feature, and students are able to experience it because of online classes.

If they would have done offline, then either they could be doing the class, or they could be absent, and there was no way that they could get the notes, or the teacher will not explain the things which were already taught. It can thus be said that this is one of the most important features of e-learning. There is no replicate of this feature as of now, and thus this will surely continue for the future years.


Final thoughts

From the above discussions and explanations of the five points, it can thus be said that doing online classes are much better than doing offline classes. Several other e-learning trends are there, too, which will shape 2022.

They discussed five points are the most important and effective ones. Students who attend online classes regularly will admit that they have used 3-5 trends, and it was beneficial for them. Once students do get habituated with online classes thus, they will say that offline classes are far better than online classes.

Especially students who are involved with other works too and still continuing their education will definitely choose online classes.



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