The welfares that are provided by the handheld fiber laser marking system for your business.

With laser cutting and engraving technologies, you can do a large number of works swiftly, nowadays. In the last few decades, the advancement of laser markers has enhanced a lot. Starting from jewellery design to the production of aircraft, laser technologies have established broad ways of applications through the years.

Based on the experience we’ve collected from numerous customer needs; Just tried to record some notable edges of the “Handheld Fiber Laser Marking System” just for you. So, let’s start to entice them one by one very carefully.

  1. Here are the points:


1. Can create marks on several surfaces without any contact.

The laser can be utilized to engrave facts on several pieces’ surfaces like metal, acrylic, wood, plastics, leather, and ceramics. These attributes of laser marking technologists have assisted many peoples by utilizing an ordinary machine to get the necessary markings for a variety of products and packages.

Laser printings are done by utilizing a focused light. With the marking surfaces, the laser marking tool doesn’t have any contact. The machine holders do not have to spend on huge manpower, printing die, or parts that are necessary for other forms of printing.

2. Cost-effective printing solutions.

In contrast to other marking solutions where a die or whatever special treatment is needful, a “handheld fiber laser marking system going to save a great portion of your money. By the simple integration into the manufacturing line, flawless and consistent printing can be attained with laser technology in any industrial space.

For laser machine users, the cost of mending the wear and tear of the die, substituting it, or periodical formation of a new die for printing is not at all necessary. So, the laser machines can be kept alive at a cost-effective price.

3. Stops counterfeiting.

We have found that many clients have profited from this function of laser technologies. Illicit works such as changing original products with the dummy ones can be stopped with laser marking which cannot be foiled easily.

4. Faster output.

For faster printing technologies, the fiber laser engravers are known to have high precision with advanced technology. Most of the users have started taking advantage of this technology by having them. The speed of this handheld laser marking system is near about 5 to 7m/s.


Laser printing does not require any types of chemicals or fluids for printing. So, laser engravers are much more secure for printing on edible product packages due to their absence on them.


Therefore, these are all about the edges of the “handheld fiber laser marking system” only for you. By going through this entire matter, I hope that there will be no dubious in your mind about the productiveness of these machines.





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