The Top 3 Best Tactical Police Boots of 2022

Ask anyone, military or law enforcement officer, and they will tell you about the importance of getting a pair of the best tactical police boots on the market.

Whether it is for catching bad guys, hiking, or going for a run, tactical boots are the idealistic kind of footwear. If you are an adventurer set on foot, you must protect your feet from the rough terrains. Tactical boots can keep your feet safe and protected in many ways.

Work or play — they make an excellent choice. Most tactical boots look alike from the outside. A reliable pair of tactical boots will be a fitting best friend under harsh circumstances. It would help if you had a pair that is durable, protective, and robust.

But how should you judge boots by their outer elements? If you want solid advice for picking the best tactical boots, keep reading.

How to Pick the Right Policeman Boots?

If you are a recruit, or just someone interested in police fashion, you must have heard about policeman boots. These unique design boots can help the cops do their duties more smoothly.

These tips will help you find the perfect fit while purchasing your new tactical boots for hiking.

Your feet are naturally swollen during the daytime, making it ideal for drying your shoes first thing in the morning. Boots that fit you at night might not work in the morning.

Always pair thick wool socks with your tactical police boots, as they are most suitable. However, when getting your show, make sure it also accommodates enough space for them as well.

Your shoes should not feel too right before lacing up. So, when first trying it on, see if it has enough space to make your foot feel comfortable.

Once you lace up, ensure the eye loops are not poking into your skin.

Try walking with your tactical boots. They should not feel loose on the heel, nor should they rub on the sides, as that might cause blisters.

Best Tactical Police Boots of 2022

5.11 Tactical Men’s A.T.L.A.S. 8″ Boot 12422

The high-performance 8 in. 5.11 A.T.L.A.S. boot is built to increase functionality. True to its name, the All Terrain Load Assistance System can help you survive through all kinds of landscapes.

If you are someone whose job or lifestyle requires carrying weight or being on foot for long hours, this tactical boot is the star choice for you.

The boot’s design incorporates water-wicking and abrasion-proof material. The sole of the shoe is constructed to be slip-proof, and the comfortable ankle helps you gain a full range of motion with ease.

Key Features

Water-tight design

Made of high-quality suede leather

Secure fit due to the lacing system

Anti-slip outsole

Danner Men’s Wildland Tactical Firefighter Black 8″ Boot

This versatile and handcrafted boot is perfect for police officers patrolling wilderness areas. Wildland Tactical Firefighter, or WTF for short, is one of the best and most effective firefighting boots available these days.

Aside from being water-resistant, the boot primarily features being fire-resistant. The shoe is constructed with an opanka stitch, creating a robust bond between the outsole and the upper.

Moreover, the men’s tactical boot is pleasing to the eye and fashionable. They can also be styled by commoners, making the shoes very versatile.

The firm outsole and lightweight help you climb summits and mountains without hurting your feet or ankles. Moreover, it also provides your ankles support and stability.

Key Features

Break-in time not required



Secure lacing

Salomon Xa Forces Mid GTX EN Boots in Black (L40921800)

Not only is this tactical boot lightweight, but it also does not even appear very chunky as most of its heavier counterparts would.

Its cutting-edge design is what stands out to most buyers. Since these shoes are intended for police officers and the military, they have high durability and a strong outsole.

If you are not into high boots but still want a pair that supports your ankles, then this is it. Its mid-length construction offers comfortable ankle support.

Are you one of those people who hate doing their laces? Of course, their Salomon Quicklace system solves that problem for you as well. Now you don’t have to redo your laces at the most uncertain times.

Key Features


Ideal for adventures


Ankle support

Unique Features of tactical Boots

Following are some of the unique, advanced features of tactical boots. It would be best if you kept an eye out when getting your new tactical boots.

Gusseted Tongues 

Boots with gusseted tongues are ideal as they prevent dirt and other substances from entering your shoe. This feature makes them a great outdoor police boot. Moreover, it keeps an airflow, along with keeping the boot water-tight.

Dual Lacing System

Typically, combat boots come with a traditional lacing system, with a long lace going through the row of eyelet loops. Some boots may also include a side zipper for fitter wear and easy takeoff.

Length of Ankle Collar

If you need more protective support for your shins and ankles, pick a tactical boot that has high-length collars. Most safety-rated tactical hiking boots come with collar lengths of 8 to 10 inches.

Seals of Ankle Collars 

If you want your tactical boots to be waterproof, make sure it has a tight ankle collar seal to keep the moisture out and to help you through harsh weather conditions.

Other Features

Tactical boots may also come with a side pocket feature, which is meant to keep a small dagger – a valuable tool for security professionals.

Final Verdict

Since it’s about safety and security, the police department has a major role to play. It’s quite a difficult task to remain attentive throughout your duty hours, especially when it’s about patrolling, investigating an assault, or catching robbers on a daily basis.

You’re going to need robust footwear and clothes to remain active and attentive, hence tactical police boots. Even if you belong to any other profession where physical activity is the key, you may find this post helpful.

If you are a tactical boot enthusiast, we hope our guide helped you find the pair you need. Once you get used to tactical boots, there is no going back; tactical boot users always look for newer pairs with better features.

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