The Most Fashionable And Elegant Moissanite Diamond Jewelry

Moissanite has become one of the most in-demand diamonds because of its clarity, sparkle and brilliance. When it comes to moissanite vs diamonds, moissanite has these qualities too but it’s even better since moissanite is way more affordable than diamonds are. This makes moissanite the best choice if you want to purchase something gorgeous yet don’t have tons of money to spare.

Why Buy Moissanite

The best value in diamond-quality looks is hard to beat. Moissanite’s high refractive index produces a level of fire that’s almost 2.5 times higher than lab-grown diamonds and as much as three times greater than most natural diamonds, resulting in an intense level of sparkle for any jewelry piece. No other gemstone can come close to matching its fire, making it an extremely valuable option. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to a natural diamond but still want something that gives off a bright light with an exceptional amount of life, then moissanite may be perfect for you! As long as your piece is made with a moissanite set or moissanite accents, it will never appear dull.

What Is The Difference Between Diamond vs. Moissanite?

The biggest difference between a diamond and a moissanite is that diamonds are mined from earth, while moissanites are created in laboratories. They do look very similar, though. You might even be tempted to think they are one in the same. In fact, most people can’t tell if you have a real diamond or an imitation one just by looking at it. You will find most of these imitations used as engagement rings since they have become increasingly popular as budget-friendly alternatives to diamonds. If you have spent many years wondering what is moissanite diamond jewelry collection? Here’s your chance to find out!

How To Tell If Your Engagement Ring Is Real Or Fake

Telling a real diamond from a fake one can be quite difficult for many. The best way to tell if your ring is real or not is to compare it to another ring you know is genuine. If you do own another genuine diamond, take it out of its box, as fake diamonds will not be able to match their beauty when next to a real diamond. Only then can you make an accurate judgement. Keep in mind that cut, clarity, color grade, etc., are factors that come into play when determining whether or not your engagement ring is genuine; however, these do not help much in a visual examination. Always have any stone tested by an accredited jeweler before making any purchase!

Types Of Rings To Choose From

There are plenty of moissanite diamond rings to choose from. The key is to find a ring that fits your style. If you like rings with understated elegance, go for a plain band in 18-karat white gold. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more bold, try a bezel-set band with two or three stone options. You can also opt for colored bands or even split shank bands in an assortment of sizes. No matter what type of ring you choose, all moissanite diamond rings feature dazzling round brilliant cut gemstones that twinkle with brilliance—and they come at less than 1/2 of retail price!

Moissanite Engagement Rings

The solitaire rings are some of the most popular for engagement rings; yet, it’s also a favorite style. These rings are a timeless classic that will never go out of style. If you’re looking for moissanite diamond jewelry with square solitaire prongs, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at solitario. This stunning design is simple enough to create a dazzling sparkle around your center stone while still making sure that your diamond shines! Made with high quality diamonds in mind, these beautiful moissanite engagement rings designs are as perfect as they come! The combination of your center stone alongside these sparkling prongs will surely catch eyes wherever you go!

Facts About Engagement Rings

There are many different types of engagement rings available, each with its own meanings. A traditional diamond solitaire is a common choice, especially among women who want something classic. Some people even choose to go all out by having their fiancé do a bit of research on diamonds. After much thought, your partner may decide to get you an emerald-cut diamond ring or a pear-shaped diamond ring to show how much he or she cares for you. No matter what kind of style your partner chooses, it’s certain that you’ll be happy with his or her decision! If you’re still confused about any part of buying an engagement ring for your future spouse, just make sure that it comes from love you gems!

Faqs About Moissanite Diamond Jewelry

What is moissanite? Moissanite wedding bands is a rare mineral that can be found in tiny quantities on earth. First discovered by henri moissan, who was awarded with nobel prize for chemistry in 1906, it’s tough to find because it doesn’t form big deposits like other minerals do. It’s often difficult to extract but once you get enough of it, you’ll have a lustrous gemstone that could stand up to any diamond. However, moissanites are lab-created gems that replicate some of diamond’s most stunning properties but at a much lower cost than diamonds without compromising its sparkling qualities or luster. Therefore, it makes these gems ideal for people who want to own a very unique piece of jewelry.

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