the Mission of Pakistan Freedom Girls

Pakistan Freedom Girls is an organization that is dedicated to empowering young girls in Pakistan. The organization was founded in 2012 by a group of Pakistani women who wanted to make a difference in the lives of girls living in poverty and under the Taliban’s strict rule. The mission of Pakistan Freedom Girls is to provide education, leadership training, and mentorship to girls living in Pakistan so that they can become strong, independent women.


The organization has grown rapidly since its inception, and today it operates dozens of schools and programs across Pakistan. In addition to its educational initiatives, Pakistan Freedom Girls also provides health care and relief aid to families affected by natural disasters. The organization is truly making a difference in the lives of Pakistani girls and women, and we are proud to support their efforts!

the Goals of Pakistan Freedom Girls

Pakistan Freedom Girls is a non-profit organization that provides education and leadership opportunities for girls in Pakistan. The organization was founded in 2010 by Pakistani-American journalist, filmmaker and human rights activist, Malala Yousafzai. The goal of Pakistan Freedom Girls is to empower girls and young women through education so that they can become leaders in their communities and help create positive social change.


Pakistan Freedom Girls also works to raise awareness about the importance of education for girls and women, as well as the challenges faced by girls trying to get an education in Pakistan. The organization has helped provide scholarships for girls to attend school, as well as setting up computer labs and libraries in schools. In addition, Pakistan Freedom Girls runs workshops on leadership and self-esteem for girls.

Pakistan Freedom Girls

There are many ways to get involved with Pakistan Freedom Girls. One way is to join a local or online support group. Another way is to donate money or supplies to the organization.


You can also volunteer your time to help with events or fundraisers. Finally, you can spread the word about Pakistan Freedom Girls and their mission by sharing information with your friends and family.

Feminism in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country where women have always been considered subordinate to men. However, there has been a slowly growing movement of feminism in Pakistan over the past few years. This movement has been driven by education and economic opportunities for women, as well as an increased awareness of gender inequality.

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