Kasol is a beautiful village that is located within Himachal Pradesh. It is located close to the Parvati River’s shores. River. This is an amazing location located in North India. The place is known as the “Heaven’s Gateway” due to the beauty of its landscapes, its culture, and stunning surroundings. The place is truly an experience for the eyes of visitors. This particular spot is situated at approximately 1640 meters. The place offers an amazing view for people who visit. In Kasol camping, it plays a significant role which is that you’ll be involved in numerous activities that provide you with fun.

This city gained fame by being called”The “Amsterdam of India.” A lot of adventures are waiting for visitors to the city. In this place, a process of self-discovery is also happening. As we mentioned the area is full of hills, valleys, and more. which provides the perfect environment for hiking. It is located in Himachal Pradesh the primary amazing sight to see can be seen in the river Parvati which originates in the Glacier named Man Talai. Imagine the splendor of Parvati’s river that flows through the snowy mountains in the region.

To camp here you must pay. Prices vary according to the season, length and activities that are adventurous campsites, etc. The various camping sites typically offer various prices in Kasol. Prices differ between 800 to Rs. 800 to 700 rupees. 7,000. Beyond that, travel expenses are also included.

7 Best Camping Sites To Camp In Kasol

Are you in search of the top locations to camp in Kasol? It’s an amazing experience for tourists who are here looking for experiences. Seven locations offer camping facilities.

  1. Kabila Camps

Kabila Camp is situated along the bank of the river Parvati and is situated located in the middle of the mountains. This could be one of the most unique selections made by tourists who come to Kasol. The camp is equipped with both traditional as modern tents. The services provided by the camp can be enjoyed by all guests. In essence, you are able to modify the packages provided by them to suit your preferences.

Depending on your budget, a range of options are offered. It is possible to reach the place by driving four kilometers away from Kasol town. Paragliding, camping and trekking are among the kinds of activities offered by Kasol. Camps starting at Rs 1800 to Rs 6,000 can be found in this.

  1. Parvati View Riverside Camps

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy for adventurous pursuits like hiking, then this is the place for you. You’ll be staying in the middle of the nature in this location. The tents are comfortable. The tents will be provided with an award that is reasonable for you. They will also be kept in a more efficient manner, and you will also receive the finest food you can find. There is a camp called Parvati View Riverside in Challal. There is a camp called Parvati View Riverside in Challal. The cost of camping begins at the amount of Rs. 2,000.

  1. Orchard Camps

It is located in the Orchard Camp is situated near to the natural surroundings and you’ll feel at peace after spending time there. The river Parvati runs through the side of the camp and you’ll be amazed by the stunning beauty of it. This location is located between mountains, and there you’ll be surrounded by the clean breath of Nature. The main activities available in this area include hiking and exploring. The camp is situated near the main market in Kasol. The price for camping starts at Rs. 2000.

  1. Jalpa Camps

The camp is located in the tranquility of nature. There is a vegetarian menu served and is considered to be their most prestigious camp. Nature also welcomes you with fresh streams and mountains. This is located in Choj. The activities offered include cycling, hiking and fishing. They also offer walking and biking tours too. The price for the camp will start at the amount of Rs. 800.

  1. Parvati Wood Camps

If you want to stay in the forest, this is the ideal place. This is one of the places that offers you an excellent time in Kasol. This location is located near to the main town and can be reached this location by walking just a few minutes. This is also where the river Parvati gives visitors an amazing and captivating sight. The camp is situated in the Manikaran road, which is close to Kasol. The activities you’ll take part in are cycling, hiking, fishing and more. The cost for the camp will begin at Rs. 500 onwards.

  1. Mahadev River View Camps

This Mahadev River View Camps will give you breathtaking views of the Parvati river. It will feel like you are in an idyllic world when you look at the lush green valley that surrounds the river. The camp is located close to the heart in the center of town. This is the perfect spot for all the adventurers who are visiting this camp. You will be provided with luxury tents. But don’t fret that the cost is affordable for you. This is camping camp that will provide the guests with comfortable tents and also. It is a trek that will be offered and the cost of camping will begin at around Rs. 1,900 onwards.

  1. Aman Camps

The splendor of Kasol can be seen in full when staying in Aman camp. In Aman camps, you can have a wide selection of contemporary and comfortable camping experiences. The campsite is situated within Old Kasol and you will be amazed at nature’s beauty. Nature.


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