The Basics Of STD Screening: Everything We Should Know

STD screening may not be the best conversation you should have at a dinner table. It is more of a personal problem. So, when it is hard to handle, we still have to handle it independently. Thus, every one of us who is sexually active must go for STD testing. You can easily find the best professionals providing the best STD screenings by searching for the best STD screening near me online.

Sometimes testing is not even necessary for determining the disease. However, it is most recommended. You should get diagnosed for some good news. The bottom line here is that most STDs are curable, and all of them are treatable.

As we have already mentioned, various professionals of STD screening companies can help you with the diagnosis. You can easily find them by asking the internet to show you the best STD screening near me. Here, we will talk you into all the different aspects of STDs. Also, we will help you know these diseases better so that you don’t panic if you get diagnosed with STD and rush for the best treatments available out there. Stick together to find out everything you need to know about STDs.

The difference between STDs and STIs 

STDs are often referred to as sexually transmitted infections or STIs. Many professionals prefer to use this term. It is because there is less stigma in our society with the word infection than with disease. It is often possible to have an infection without any symptoms. Also, the infections also often run their course and turn into a disease. So, STDs and STIs are the same things. You also need to run a screening to get diagnosed with STIs.

Some most common STDs 

Many common STDs often create problems in the human body. STDs mostly occur in people with a very active sexual life and less hygiene. Here, we have described some of the most well-known STDs available.

Human Papillomavirus

It is the common STI in the U.S. This virus causes warts in our genitalia. Even though the lesions do not appear in people with HPV, they are contagious and might easily get transmitted sexually or even with a skin-to-skin contact. If the warts are there, the diagnosis can be completed through inspection. However, the additional testing is also useful to be certain about the disease. This diagnosis can include biopsy and colonoscopy of women as well.


Syphilis is a bacterial infection common in people with highly active sex life. This infection is also contagious. Also, it can be spread by anal, oral, or genital contact. These infections are mostly diagnosed by painless sores present in the initial stages of the inspection.

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

These are incredibly common infections. They are also grouped as they can be screened simultaneously. The bacteria that cause these infections do not cause any symptoms. Therefore, these infections can easily be missed, especially in women. The infections are anal, oral, or genital and will be spread with contact with someone else who has the inspection.


Herpes is one of the most common STIs out there. There are two strains commonly known of the virus that causes this infection. The Type1 strains are mostly associated with oral herpes, whereas the Type2 cause genital herpes more often than ever. However, a recent study history shows that a person may also suffer from genital herpes caused by Type1 strains. A person can have either strain of herpes and may never show any disease symptoms. This is what makes the disease severe. However, these strains often show symptoms like painful sores appearing near the affected person’s mouth or genitalia. As the affected person is contagious even though no lesions are present, one should take precautions if diagnosed with this disease.


Another most common sexually transmitted disease is HIV. This viral inspection is spread with blood or sexually. Having unprotected vaginal sex can cause the spread of the disease from one man to other. This disease can very rarely be transmitted by one another’s body fluid contacts. However, there are chances of this happening.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is another viral infection transmitted mostly from blood contact or through skin exposure. This can be contracted by having sex with people who have Hepatitis C. The chances are very low, But it is still advisable to search for a cure rather than sex with this disease. This infection can often lead to liver cancer and other chronic liver diseases.

What is screening exactly? 

Getting a screening means that the professionals look at your infection when you may not have symptoms. Like mammograms or screening tests for colon cancer, watching for sexually transmitted diseases is also important. The test recommendations are mostly dependent on individuals’ lifestyles and risk levels.

These are mostly everything you need to know about STDs and STD screening. You should find the nearest STD screening center at your earnest if you feel any discomfort that you think might lead to an STI. Try searching for the best STD screening near me for the best tests.

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