Ten Interesting Facts about Used Cars in Dubai

When it comes to buy used cars in Dubai, you need to bring into consideration several essential facts. The used car automobile market of the UAE has expanded constantly during the previous few years, thanks to the high demand for used cars of all models. Car buyers can effortlessly find used cars for sale in Dubai within their budget. However, critical facts should always be considered before buying a used car.

A careful yet proactive strategy can help car buyers avoid fraud, resulting in severe economic loss. From reviewing the service history to test driving a used car, it is essential to follow all the critical approaches to help make the best decision. 

Car buyers should consider everything described below while buying a used car in Dubai.

Interesting Facts to Surprise You!

You might haven’t given much attention to the used car industry, aside from engaging with it to purchase or sell your own used vehicle. But, there are lots of facts that may surprise you. Here are ten amazing facts about the used car market of gulf countries that you’ve likely never heard.

1. Silver Used Cars Reign Supreme

Silver always hits differently when it comes to color choices of used cars. Black is a close second choice, with white, red, blue, and gray rounding things out. A variety of admired colors ensures that there’s something for everyone. So, the Silver color used cars for sale in Dubai always stay in high demand by residents throughout the year. 

2. Odometer Fraud Is a Real Thing

The picture of an unethical used car seller dialing back the odometer is not just something found in cartoons. Dealers defraud buyers mainly by taking miles off of a car to make it look more desirable, typically to billions of dollars a year in fraudulent transactions.

So, the odometer is that aspect of a car that dealers are trickly using to loot car buyers. 

3. Automatic Vehicles Dominance

Today, automatic cars are more in number than manual vehicles by 10 to 1. It’s evident that just about everyone prefers driving an automatic car, and the number of people who even know how to operate a manual vehicle is declining.

Everyone in this generation looks for easier ways to do everything, which is the case with automobiles. You will rarely find manual cars in the used car market.

4. The Used Car Market Dominates over New Car Market

The used car market in UAE is much bigger than the new car market, even though you see many more advertisements for the new car industry. For most car customers, this fact is one of the most astonishing things on the list!

One reason behind this high demand to buy used cars in Dubai is that these cars are already used and suitable for the circumstances and weather of the gulf countries. 

5. Airbags Are an Issue

When you are looking for a used car for sale, always be sure to have the airbags checked. Vehicles in an accident need their airbags replaced with new and secured ones, which doesn’t always happen in used cars. It is one item you’ll definitely want to have inspected before purchasing the car, as it dramatically improves the vehicle’s safety.

6. You can Never Get the Real History of a Car

Dealership services are often tremendously helpful in purchasing used cars, but you must accept that you’ll never know everything about a car’s history. These reports do their best to gather all the publicly available information, but not everything that happens to a vehicle. 

Sometimes, people who come to dealers to sell their old cars don’t explain the severity of accidents. 

7. Three Owners Will Own a Car Over (On Average)

When you consider those who own a car from the time it’s made to the time it falls apart as well as the vehicles that reach several owners, the average ends up being three owners over a car’s lifetime!

It can either be that two customers already use the specific article before or you are the third one. 

8. Most Used Car Searches Are for Looking for Low Tags

Some customers will be looking to purchase their dream luxury in the used car market. But on average, most customers are looking for affordable vehicles that do not disturb their pockets. However, you can still find reliable used cars for sale at these prices without breaking the bank balance, but it takes some time to find a conqueror.

9. A Decade-Old Car is in Most Demand 

It’s intriguing to note that it’s not just cars that have recently come out of a lease that dominates the used car market but also automobiles that are a decade old or older. As long as they are from an authorized brand and were well-maintained by the prior driver and current seller, they still have worth to give to a new owner.

10. Check For Major Accidents

Suppose this is your first used car buying experience in UAE. In that case, you should take the assistance of a specialist to find out if the used car for sale you are planning to buy was involved in a significant accident. However, if it is not feasible to arrange an expert, you can do it yourself by following helpful tips:

  • Check the bumper and fender for cracks, as these parts can break easily in a crash.
  • Check the car’s body line and exterior paint to evaluate if the car’s panels have been replaced or worked on in history. For this case, you should sit close to the car and monitor the vehicle’s body lines. If you notice rough lines or deformed reflection, the car may have been damaged in an accident, due to which the car’s body panels might have been replaced along with a paint job.
  • Evaluate the panels and door gaps to see if they fit correctly. The car previously damaged in an accident will have unstable gaps due to the replacement of panels and doors.


All the techniques mentioned above were quite exciting and helpful to customers looking for used cars for sale in Dubai. These facts can make choosing the ideal used vehicle within one’s budget more effortless and help avoid the risk of fraud. 

From test driving to choosing the right platform to purchase your next vehicle, every step should be taken carefully to make a well-calculated decision when you go to buy used cars in Dubai.


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