Steer Clear of These 6 Mistakes When Moving

Moving to a new house can be a daunting task if you do not take the right steps. To ensure smooth moving, you have to keep in mind different factors. From packing valuables to choosing a move-in date, you have to focus on different areas.

To make things easier, consult someone who has moved houses in the past. It will help you plan your move efficiently by learning from the life experiences of people.

Although, moving can cause stress, and people often lose their patience which can lead to mistakes. It can make things worse and get you off track, which can affect the overall moving process.

Therefore, maintaining composure is a must during this process which can help you move efficiently according to your plan.

Without further ado, let’s find out some moving mistakes that will help you to move to a new house in a hassle-free manner.

Not Booking the Storage Unit

One of the common mistakes that people make while moving is not booking a self-storage unit. Renting a storage space helps you to declutter your home. By moving all items to the storage unit, you can get a clear idea of what you should bring to a new home and what you should not. In this way, you can make space in the new home and renovate it to make it look more appealing.

If you are moving to a new city, then you should do research about the storage units there. It will make it easier for you to move your valuables to the storage unit.

For example, if you are moving to Arlington, Texas, then do complete research to find the most reliable storage units Arlington can offer. In this way, you can also conveniently move those items back to the new home that you want to keep.

If you are not hiring a storage unit, then it can make it difficult for you to move plenty of items at once. Furthermore, the breaking of items is common during the moving process, as anything can slip and break at any time. Therefore, to keep your belongings safe, you should consider keeping your stuff in the storage unit that will keep it secure.

Not Planning Properly

Another mistake people make while moving is not planning beforehand. Whether it is about packing stuff or arranging transportation, creating a proper roadmap when moving is a must. Planning everything in advance can help you avoid stressful situations. You have to decide small things in planning, like where to start packing and how you should pack your valuables.

Start planning at least one to two months before the final move-in date. It will also help you decide what things you need to buy for the new house, so you can plan your activities accordingly.

Not Labelling Boxes

If you are not clearly labeling the boxes while packing stuff, then it can make things difficult for you during unpacking. You do not necessarily have to write all items on the box. Just mention the type of items inside the box.

For example, if you are packing crockery items, mention “fragile” so everyone knows to handle these boxes with care. Ensure that you use permanent markers to label boxes, so the text on boxes does not diminish during shifting.

Not Packing Properly 

Only labeling your boxes is not enough. You also have to ensure that your packing is organized. Disorganized packing is another common mistake that people make while moving. Maintaining space in boxes is essential while packing fragile items to keep them safe.

To ensure organized packing, you should not move to the next room until you do not complete the packing of the previous room. Take your time to ensure that you do not miss packing anything in one room.

To keep everything organized and clean, buy additional boxes. It may increase the number of your boxes, but it will ensure that your items remain safe. Another packing-related mistake is overstuffing the boxes. You have to figure out the capacity of the boxes first before packing your valuables.

The maximum capacity of boxes can vary from 30 to 150 pounds. So, you should not exceed the weight limit of each box. It would be better to consult the manufacturer or shopkeeper who can guide you better about the weight limit of boxes.

Overstuffing boxes can break them, which can also damage your items. Moving experts suggest keeping the light and heavy items in separate boxes. It keeps precious items safe that can help you avoid any costly loss.

Using Bags and Plastic for Packing

Another packing mistake that homeowners make is using low-quality plastics and bags for packing. It is important to understand that material of boxes holds special significance in packing. Only durable boxes can keep your belongings safe.

People use bags and plastics for packing because it takes less time. Furthermore, they are also cheap than usual moving boxes. So, to save cost and effort, people compromise on the quality of packaging, not realizing that it can make them bear a bigger loss. Sturdy boxes are known for their durability when it comes to packing items, so you should consider these boxes every time.

Not Packing Early

Packing items at the last minute can make you do silly things. You are most likely to fail to pack in an organized way or forget to label boxes. All this can result in breaking boxes that can damage your valuables. To keep everything on track, you must start packing at least one month before your final day of the move. When you do not give yourself sufficient time to pack your items, then you can most likely face issues. Therefore, you should try to pack your belongings early, which can help you avoid an unpleasant situation.


Moving is not a straightforward process, as you have to keep track of different things. From booking storage units to packing early, labeling boxes to using the right packing boxes, you have to focus on different areas. It is also essential to plan everything beforehand, so you can ensure nothing goes off track at the last minute and you can achieve a seamless house move.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand some of the common moving mistakes.

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