Pediatric Treatment: Which Hospital is Best in Multan?

Every family that has children, knows that children are little packs of big energy. They just cannot sit at one place and make their grown-ups run and chase after them. You just cannot stop them from playing because that is their developmental age. Every child should be active in their development age and it is the responsibility of the guardians to take care of them without making them stop being children. This can be hard for adults to run after the children and listen to them whatever they say and answer their questions which can be very annoying sometimes.

But that’s what children do and if they get sick or a little weaker, and they don’t have enough energy to run and ask questions, their guardians are the ones who cannot see them in that state of sickness. No matter how they annoy you and make you tired, everyone wants their children to be healthy and active. No parents can see their children in pain and getting weak. That is why it is very important for children to take care of their children.

How to take care of your children

Parents can take care of their children on their own without going to any best hospital in Multan or any other city in Pakistan. First of all, they should give them a proper and healthy diet. A growing child needs a holistic diet in his growth and development age, every nutrient, and every vitamin is important for perfect growth. Parents can make them active by making them participate in sports activities and games. Developing their interest in reading books also enhances their thinking capacity.

But what if they get sick anyway

What if a child falls down during playing football, what if a child gets sick while playing outside in a cold season? What if your child lacks in development as compared to the other children of his age despite your efforts of giving him a proper and healthy diet? All these issues are addressed by a pediatrician. Parents have to visit a pediatrician in case their child gets sick.

Who is a pediatrician

A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in child health care. They treat children and adolescents under the age of 18. They deal with illnesses and diseases in children because a child’s immunity and anatomy are different from adults. They need a different and special treatment other than the adults. Children can’t take the same medicines as adults, the medicines for children are different with low potency.

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital Multan

Mukhtar A. Sheikh is the best hospital in Multan for pediatric treatment. They have the most qualified pediatricians on board with years of experience in the field. Their expertise makes them the most competent pediatricians in the whole of South Punjab. They have some services which make them not just the best hospital in Multan but the best private hospital in South Punjab. Let’s discuss some pediatric services

Screening tests for hearing  

Many children in Pakistan are born with hearing impairment, but due to a lack of information and facilities, parents don’t get to know that their child is suffering from hearing impairment until they grow up. It is very important to get your child tested when it is born. Mukhtar A. Sheikh has the facility to provide hearing screening tests for newborns. They have modern technology and machinery for screening tests which are completely safe for babies.

Prevention of Infectious diseases

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital has one of the best infection prevention departments in South Punjab. Children have weak immunity and they are more exposed to viral infections and viruses.  Most of the children get sick when the season changes from summer to winter. Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital has pediatricians in infectious disease control to treat children having infections.

This can be a difficult time for parents but the pediatrician at MASH knows the techniques to make children comfortable in the hospital’s settings. They ask children about what they are suffering from and what are the symptoms to diagnose the actual disease. They also guide parents about what to do and what not to do with their children.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Mukhtar A. Sheikh has a world-class intensive care unit for newborns, where they provide special care to the babies. They have modern technology in NICU with an incubator which is necessary for some children. They take proper care of children and the pediatricians give regular checkups to see if the baby is doing okay. If they notice anything abnormal related to their health they immediately give them the required treatment.

All these services are proof that Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is not just the best Hospital in Multan but also the best Private Hospital in South Punjab.  


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