October 1, 2023

Many people see diamond jewelry as the ultimate status symbol; it’s one of the few pieces of jewelry that everyone seems to recognize and associate with being expensive and luxurious. And while you might think that only natural diamonds can be considered real diamonds, many sources have argued otherwise, citing synthetic diamonds as equally valuable, if not more so, than mined diamonds.


These long, semi-circular stones are set with diamonds in a rounded box. They can be worn solo or in multiple for a whole new look. If you’re nervous about having a high-diamond necklace around your neck all day, try these on for size. They come in two versions: single row or double row (and you can mix and match). You’ll feel fierce and strong with these bad boys dangling from your ears! Plus, they’re budget friendly at $17. The downside? Cuffs can get kind of heavy if you wear multiple ones at once — so think carefully before taking on that look.


They’re classic, minimalist, and can be worn with almost anything in your closet. What’s not to love? Plus, you don’t have to worry about these babies getting caught on your sweater when it inevitably snags on a coat hook. Bonus: Studs are much easier to travel with than their dangly counterparts. It never hurts to have one of these on hand for impromptu date nights or unexpected social engagements (read: holiday parties). You can also rest assured that they won’t fall out of your ears because their backs are super secure and made specifically for stud earrings.


There are some people who have hoop earrings in every size, shape and color. Others may have one pair they’ve owned for years and love dearly. But even if you prefer studs or traditional earrings, a great addition to your lab grown diamond jewelry collection is a pair of 14-karat yellow gold round hoops. They look great with anything! And you can purchase them at Bijou Brigitte in a variety of sizes (or larger/smaller versions online) that start as low as $10.99—no guilt about ditching that old hoop for a new one! You can even shop by price range, so you know exactly what you’re getting from not just color but size too.

Tear Drops

For those who prefer a classic look and don’t want to worry about an expensive pair of earrings being lost or damaged, a good-quality pair of diamond tear drop studs are hard to beat. With quality sets starting around $300, they can be a budget-friendly addition to any jewelry collection. They may be tiny in size, but these beautiful little gems will shine every time you walk into a room! Whether you have your eye on traditional round diamonds or you’re more interested in something out of the ordinary, like black diamonds or blue diamonds, there is no shortage of options available when it comes to earring styles.


Sometimes an earring is just an earring, but these lab grown diamond Pendants are much more than that. If you’re looking for a super-simple piece to wear with your everyday attire, choose a sleek, minimalist style like these diamond studs. Two 6mm lab-grown diamonds set in 14k white gold offer off-the-charts sparkle and shine without being too much. Plus, they will help you stand out from other minimalists with their flat backs and subtle curves that add interest to any look. For those who crave attention, channel your inner Beyoncé (minus all of Bey’s otherworldly gifts) with these classic drop-shaped styles in yellow gold set with one to three rectangular cut diamonds per earring. A little bit of wow makes a big difference!


Even if you don’t love accessorizing, there’s no denying that bangles are beautiful, often striking and occasionally dramatic. But with so many choices out there—like diamond or pearl, gold or silver—it can be difficult to know which kind of bangle will stand out on your wrist. For a flash of style that’s even more eye-catching than any of your other jewelry pieces, go for a set of lab-grown diamond bangles. These are also known as CVD bangles and are made by binding diamonds together into a crystal structure in a controlled laboratory environment.


If you’re like most people, you probably have a collection of rings and aren’t quite sure what to do with them. Well, there’s no need to sell them or just keep them in a box somewhere — there are plenty of other things that you can do with your old jewelry. Today, we’re going to talk about some of our favorite ways to use up old jewelry that will actually make your life better

Chain Link Bracelets

Decades ago, jewelry companies began to replace natural gemstones with lab grown diamond bracelets. The results were mixed: some consumers refused to wear diamonds grown in a lab, while others found them just as dazzling as their natural counterparts. Over time, both attitudes have softened—thanks in part to technological advances that allow scientists to grow more than just tiny gems. Today, some of these creations are making their way onto jewelry store shelves and into people’s homes. They include innovative designs made possible by modern technology. And perhaps most importantly, they offer affordable alternatives for those who would normally be priced out of purchasing real diamonds and similar stones.

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