Kareri Lake Trek – Tales of the Hidden Trails

Overview –


Only 9 kilometres separate the Kareri village from the Kareri Lake Trek, which is located in the Kangra Valley’s foothills of the Dhauladhar mountain range. Beautiful grazing region and campground where shepherds pitch their tents before crossing Dhauladhar Range at Minkiani Pass (4250 m) and the Baleni Pass (3711 m) for further roaming to On the other hand, hikers can be seen waiting for the ideal weather window to reach the summit. It is a high altitude, freshwater lake that is situated at a height of 2934 metres above mean sea level. A herd of sheep and goats owned by local shepherds grazes seasonally in the lovely meadow that surrounds the lake. 


Where to Go?-


It would be better if you travelled to Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. You can do it whenever it’s convenient for you or by taking public transportation. Take a local state bus from Dharamshala, which departs every morning between 8 and 8:30, to Ghera village. Ghera is 8 kilometres away from the settlement of Kareri. To travel further to Kareri, one must take a local taxi or a shared taxi. Another choice is to hike for an hour to the settlement.


How to Get There?-


By air: Gaggal Airport is the closest airport to Dharamshala. It is roughly 13 miles away.


By road: A network of both public and commercial bus companies connects Dharamshala with Delhi and other regions of North India.


Detailed Trek Details-


Day 1: Ghera/Kareri Village to Reoti

5,905 feet to 8,038 feet above sea level

Time required: 4.5 hours

Trekking gradient: primarily upward, with some steep sections. Most steep areas have steps built through the rock.

First half of the trail is composed of mixed broadleaf and pine forests; the second half is composed of grasslands with patches of pine and deodar.

Water sources: The waterfall is a great spot to rehydrate. Along the walk, there are a number of little springs.


Trekking to Kareri Lake


The majority of Dharamshala residents are familiar with Kareri village. The trail begins in mixed pine and broadleaf forests and passes past the settlement of Kareri. Birds like the black drongo and red-billed blue magpie are a type of flora and fauna found there.


Day 2: Reoti to Kareri lake. –


Go back to Kareri village

8,038 to 9,613 feet in altitude. back to 5,905 ft

Time required: 5.5 hours (1.5 hours to Kareri Lake)

Trekking incline: Gradual rise to Kareri Lake. descent to Kareri village

Grass fields with pebbles strewn throughout the landscape

Water sources: About 30 minutes after Reoti, little springs pop up frequently in the spaces between the rocks along the stream.


Early in the morning, depart. The majority of the Reoti ascent trail is paved. Unpaved sections that are only a short distance apart can be easily negotiated in between the pebbles that litter the Nyundo allah’s upstream banks.


Travel Planning-


Dharamshala is the busiest highway junction nearby. Local buses leave Dharamshala at 8 a.m. and travel to Ghera village. It takes around two hours to walk from Ghera to Kareri village, which is where the hike begins.


The Dharamshala bus station offers taxi service to the Kareri village as an alternative. Depending on the vehicle, the number of passengers, and your negotiation skills, a cab ride will cost between Rs 800-1000 for a group of 4-6 persons. If you’re pressed for time, a cab is preferable because it cuts the amount of walking and travelling by around two hours.


Is it difficult –


For those who have kept up a respectable degree of fitness, the journey to Kareri Lake is easy to moderate in difficulty and makes for a great expedition. For the most part, it offers a simple trail; nonetheless, there are certain sections of ground that require a steep upward trek and passage through terrain that is full of rocky outcrops.


The Kareri Lake Trek’s entire length is how far?-


 A 26 kilometre round trip is required for the Kareri Lake Trek. It is also thought that the Minkiani pass base camp is where the trip to Kareri Lake begins in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra area. Oak, pine, and rhododendron forests are all found along the trail.


Is Kareri Lake good?

In the Dhauladhar Mountains, Kareri Lake is primarily known as a place to go trekking. Early December until early April sees the lake iced over. A mountaintop with a view of the lake is home to a temple honouring Lord Shiva and Shakti.

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