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Boba Time

It’s Boba Time offers a variety of made-to-order drinks. Customers can add real fruit and other popular toppings to create a personalized drink. Customers can also add boba to almost any drink, from milk tea to shaved ice to frozen yogurt. This chain of boba shops also delivers to local locations. Read on to learn more about It’s Boba Time. It’s Boba Time’s menu and origins.

It’s Boba Time

It’s Boba Time is a fast-growing concept with locations throughout Southern California. The menu includes more than 140 drinks and includes a variety of iced teas and boba drinks, as well as a range of fresh juices and smoothies. It also offers shaved ice and popcorn chicken. Many locations also feature a variety of coffee drinks. It’s Boba Time’s popularity has caused franchises to open across the state.

The company has multiple locations throughout Los Angeles County, including a new one in Beverly Grove. The new location is located at 8250 West 3rd St. Ste. 106. The company has a total of 18 planned locations in the county, with more coming soon. Marianna Manoukian, the franchisee, hopes to open the new location in the area by the end of January 2022. The Beverly Grove location will replace Elite Smoke Shop, which recently closed.

It’s Boba Time is a food and beverage franchise that offers various flavors of boba drinks and smoothies. The company aims to offer the best products and services in the industry. Their mission is to bring people together through boba. The company also offers a wide variety of milk teas and slushies. Its tea leaves come from Taiwan and are brewed to provide an exceptionally smooth and delicious drink. The company also takes pride in the quality of its customer service.


It’s bubble tea season, and the Culinary Historians of San Diego will be hosting a lecture titled “It’s Boba Time: Adapting to Change” on Wednesday, April 5. The lecture will focus on the history of bubble tea, including its origins and how it has become a popular beverage in the US and around the world. This tea drink has been linked to important events and shifts in history, and is an excellent example of how diverse travel paths have helped foods adapt to their new environments. The presentation will be given by Yong Chen, a professor of history at the University of California Irvine and Associate Dean of the school.

While boba tea originated in Taiwan, it didn’t necessarily make its way to the United States until the late ’80s. Tea drinking was a common practice in East Asia at the time, and the addition of tapioca balls was seen as an appropriate dessert. These three popular components eventually merged to create the boba drink we know today. Shaved ice is the bottom part of a boba, and the rest is filled with milk tea.

The boba drink has spread throughout the country and became a popular beverage in Taiwanese night markets. While boba used to be slang for large breasts, it is now a well-known beverage that has spread throughout the world. During the late ’90s, several boba chains began to emerge in Taiwan. Taiwanese immigration influenced the introduction of boba in the U.S. The name boba, in fact, refers to the spherical shape of the tapioca balls.

Boba originated in Taiwan and today, there are more than 50 locations in California alone. The company started out as a small shop in Los Angeles and has now spread throughout the U.S. There are different flavors for people of all ages, including acai bowls and shaved ice. Many of the drinks are customizable, with real fruit or toppings available for customers to add to their boba.


If you’re in the mood for a boba, look no further than It’s Boba Time. This coffee shop and dinner restaurant offers a delightful atmosphere while serving perfectly roasted taro and good causa. The menu also features a wide variety of delicious desserts and beverages to accompany your coffee or tea. You can order online, or visit the store to see what’s available on the menu.

You can choose from dairy, soy, or almond milk. Some of the more complex drinks may only be available with dairy milk. Many of the fruit-based drinks are made with either fresh fruit or blended. There are many locations in southern California, and there are also rewards programs for loyal customers. In addition to offering great beverages at affordable prices, customers can collect stamps in their digital accounts to receive free boba. Visiting Boba Time is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The menu at It’s Boba Time offers a wide variety of teas, coffee, and iced drinks. They also cater to those with dietary restrictions. The selection is extensive, with choices ranging from Milk tea to Fruit tea. You can also choose from Oolong tea, Green tea, and more. To get more information, check online or call the nearest location. Most locations are open from 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM daily.


If you love boba tea and want to get it delivered to your home, there’s a new company that’s taking your dreams to a whole new level. Boba Time is a bubble tea restaurant chain that’s gaining popularity in Southern California. They provide delivery services for food, groceries, and office supplies. While their specialty is bubble tea, they also deliver sandwiches and other items. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can visit their store on 3450 W 6th Street.

You can order Boba Time through their website or from their delivery service, which offers free delivery in Los Angeles. You can also use Uber Eats to place your order. You can check out the menu online and see what is available in your area. Once you have placed an order, you’ll receive it within minutes. To get the best experience, order in advance so that you’ll be able to select the time that works best for you.

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