How Women’s Participation in Web3 Games is Revolutionizing Gaming Industry

Blockchain-based games aimed at women may promote inclusivity even though there still seems to be a lack of women in the Web3 industry. According to a recent study by the Entertainment Software Association, 48% of American gamers identify as female. Additionally, it has been noted that nearly half of all gamers worldwide are female. It is noteworthy how much interest women have shown in the billion-dollar gaming industry. This, along with the enormous growth that the GameFi industry anticipates, is a major factor in Web3 games game development specifically targeted at female players.

Web3 Is Dismantling The Barriers For Female Gamers Around The World

According to a recent study by the Entertainment Software Association, 48% of American gamers are female, according to Cointelegraph. In addition, reports indicate that women make up roughly half of all players worldwide. It is noteworthy how much interest women have shown in the multi-billion dollar gaming industry.

This, along with the enormous growth that the GameFi sector anticipated, has been a key impetus behind the development of several web3 games that are specifically catered toward female gamers.

Web3 Gaming: Play to Earn

Beryl Chavez Li, the co-founder of Yield Guild Games, a global play-to-earn gaming community, claims that the number of women playing blockchain-based games like Axie Infinity has increased dramatically.

Despite the current statistics against play-to-earn games, she predicted that more women would express interest in them.

Relation Between Finance and Web3 Gaming

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, also spoke with Cointelegraph about the connection between finance and web3 game development.

He asserted that over time, this would naturally draw individuals from various backgrounds to the region highlighted by Cointelegraph.

Nevertheless, he thinks that women, in particular, will be attracted because of the rising need for independence and financial stability. This is particularly true in underdeveloped nations where women dominate microfinance and, more specifically, the microlending industries.

Global Digital Evolution of Web3 Games

Chavez Li, a Fashion League advisory board member, noted that many Web 3.0 games lack vision and instead concentrate on first- and third-person shootings. She claimed that the Fashion League inspires individuals to produce digital goods that might ultimately transform into marketable NFTs in the metaverse.

With a fun game, they are empowering the creator economy. Users will accrue more points as more users sign up. She claimed that the in-game money could be traded for tokens that could be changed into fiat money.

According to Chavez Li, social interaction and rivalry between players may occur on occasions like fashion shows, adding to the game’s competitive aspect. Web3’s cross-chain functionality gives gamers worldwide a more adaptable gaming environment.

Web3 Video Games Have Attractive Features for Women

Many web-3 game development companies worldwide create games to appeal to female viewers. Vogue League is an example of a free play-to-earn mobile game that lets players build their very own fashion empire.

Web3 games provide NFT

Theresia Le Battistini, CEO, and founder of Vogue League, claims that the game lets players design virtual clothing lines that can be bought with nonfungible tokens.

On the Worldwide Web3, video games must be inclusive. NFTs of well-known brands can use the game to display digital goods.

Le Battistini claimed that Vogue League provides secure options that are inherently intriguing to encourage female participation. She claims that because there is a low barrier to entry, women prefer playing video games on their mobile devices.

Recent statistics show that 62% of people who proudly own a smartphone install a game on it within a week. Additionally, according to these figures, 51% of women and 49% of men currently play mobile games.

Key elements are women-centric themes and designs.

A study by The Feminine Quotient found that interactiveness, visually appealing graphic designs, and women-centric themes are important elements in luring girls to the global Web3 home.

Exclusively female designers and builders, such as Vogue League, created BlueberryXWorld. Even though McDuff is known for saying that anyone can enjoy sports, she believes that this element ensures that female artists’ opinions can be heard.

The meta avatars have love handles, stretch marks, and all the other features that give them a more human and realistic appearance.

McDuff also pointed out that the game’s community-based theme would undoubtedly appeal to female players: “Players can stop by the café to grab a drink and interact. Because they have a natural talent for doing so, it won’t be shocking to see women leading strong, cohesive teams in global web3 companies.

The Value of Player Engagement

Lenny Pettersson, chief operating officer of Antler Interactive, a mobile game company with headquarters in Sweden and acting CEO of “My Neighbor Alice,” claims that player interaction and in-game contacts are one of the key elements of web3 companies’ games.

Pettersson claims that the game enables players to jointly gather resources to build an archipelago. In the game’s Discord channel, Pettersson stated that player cooperation has already been evident as they send images and notes outlining, for example, the best fishing spots.

Given this level of civic engagement, Pettersson claimed that My Neighbor Alice drew heavily on traditional games that have been popular with a female target audience. He gave the significance of the art style as one illustration. The artwork’s aesthetic of color, fun, and fairytale style is deliberate.

Better representation is necessary, but other factors that attract women to Web3 include aesthetics, personalization, and community building.

According to Marcus Bläsche, CEO and co-founder of Rumble Kong League (RKL), a game that combines basketball, play-to-earn, and NFTs, both Web3 and basketball, regrettably, have a problem with the underrepresentation of female users. According to Bläsche, this problem also affects RKL, and RKL has partnered with Round 21, a sports brand that emphasizes community and collaboration and is run by women, to address this.

Will Games Increase Women’s Global Participation in Web3?

In light of everything, it’s still difficult to predict whether web3 games geared toward women’s empowerment would encourage more participation.

Petterson noted that it would be sufficient to state that excellent Web 3 games geared toward women will have an impact on drawing more women to the industry, though: “Boys and men were the primary target audience for the original “Web2” video games. Over the years, more and more games geared toward women and girls have been developed.

Given this, he believes that web3 companies already know that women enjoy games and want to participate, giving this gender group more focus. According to Pettersson, it will be difficult to determine the true impact of these games.

Web3 Gaming Market is Still Growing

Games are becoming less gender-specific, and according to Maietta, Web3 has the opportunity to incorporate inclusivity into its culture intentionally. It’s important to remember that the Web3 game industry is still growing despite being noteworthy.

Therefore, according to several industry experts, developers are currently more focused on expanding the ecosystem than on inclusivity. Web3 game developers are more concerned with “building solid in-game economies and improving the game design to at least the AAA quality,” according to Olga Ivanova, content and community manager at Spielworks, a blockchain-based gaming platform.


It’s still challenging to predict whether Web3 games targeted toward women will lead to higher participation. For instance, according to Pettersson, this question is currently difficult to answer. The first “Web2” games were created with boys and men in mind, and he added that it would be sufficient to say that high-quality Web3 games geared toward women will attract more women to the industry. More and more fun for girls and women has been created.

In light of this, he thinks the Web3 industry is already aware that women enjoy games and want to participate, placing a greater emphasis on this gender group. If you want invest in web3 game development better consult a web3 development company.

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