Here’s Why Valves Are Crucial For Modern Society

Modern society has come a long way over the past few hundred years. Go back to the 18th century, and most cities didn’t even have sewers, let alone access to electricity, tap water, and other utilities many people now take for granted. One of the most important but also humble human inventions is the valve. Machinery, including construction equipment, often relies on valves. Likewise, sewer and water systems make extensive use of them as well. That said, not all valves are created equal, and manufacturers like Vogt Valves produce some of the best products on the market.

What do valves do and how do they work? The full answer is pretty complex, but the simple answer is rather straightforward: valves regulate pressure and the flow of liquids or gases within a system. The seemingly simple garden hose hookup found in the common garden relies on valves, for example. Twist the handle one way and the valve loosens, allowing water to flow. Twist the handle the other way, and it’ll restrict and eventually stop the flow of water.

Take a tour of a construction site and there’s a good chance that visitors will find hydraulic machines on hand. These machines use hydraulics to generate tremendous amounts of force. These systems, in turn, are dependent on the proper use of valves. Companies that build complex systems and machinery often turn to the best companies, such as a Vogt Valves distributor. Without such equipment, constructing skyscrapers, roads, and other modern marvels would be far more difficult and time-consuming. It’s not an exaggeration to state that valves make modern civilization possible.

Crucially, valves must withstand tremendous amounts of force, often day in and day out. In fact, valves are frequently under constant pressure. The humble valve in the garden tap holds back water all day, every day until someone comes along and loosens it. A low-quality valve, of course, could break down. That might lead to a flooded garden or even a deluged home.

With all of the above in mind, if systems are going to use valves, they need to be of the highest quality. When valves break down, it could put people at risk and property. Construction equipment might malfunction, water sources may be contaminated, sewage system breakdowns could expose people to dangerous microbes, the risks are nearly endless.

Fortunately, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever before to find reasonably priced valves that can withstand tremendous pressures and the test of time. Valves today are made of higher quality materials and precision manufacturing. With valves, even seemingly small inconsistencies in build or design could lead to large, complex systems failing.

Valves must also be resistant to corrosion. Water and other liquids can cause metals to degrade or break down, which could lead to the valves malfunctioning. In the past, lead pipes were common, and sometimes lead was used to make valves. These days, we know lead poses a health hazard, especially to children. Now, cast iron and carbon steel are commonly used because they are tough, durable, and don’t pose a known threat to human health.

Ultimately, valves are one of the most important technologies humanity has yet developed. Without them, many of the modern conveniences folks take for granted, like indoor plumping, would be difficult if not impossible to build.

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