Gokarna beach trek – Where the mountains meet the ocean



Gokarna is True Beach heaven around the northern part of Karnataka! It has the 5 most famous sea sides that have smooth water, mild waves, and amazing views! Those are – Gokarna Main Beach, Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach. There are fresh green hills among those seashores which makes Gokarna a must-visit thrilling vicinity. These hills are the least complex in comparison with the general landscape of Gokarna. 


About the Gokarna Beach Trek,


Gokarna Beach Trek is an amazing and fun way to go for Beach Hopping in Gokarna. You can also start the Trek from both the Kudle Beach aspect and the Paradise Beach aspect. The aim of this trek is to cowl all of the most famous seasides of Gokarna walking with the aid of crossing the hill’s status among those seashores. These hills have an inexperienced cowl for higher parts of the year and stand mightily towards the majestic Arabian Sea.


The difficulty level of the Gokarna Beach Trek?


Gokarna Beach Trek is a smooth trek for any beginner or new trekker with simple fitness. That is, if you are lively for at least some instances a week, it’s going to be an easy hike for you. This isn’t always a completely troublesome trek even though the solar will be a bit harsh. So follow sunscreen and be hydrated for a laugh day! The major part of the trek includes trekking via the hills and crossing the same to reach the subsequent seaside. However, there’s a bit of climbing, crossing of rocks and boulders at the manner too.


Places to visit during Gokarna beach trek


Dolphin Point: 

Between Half Moon sand and Om sand. Om sand is positioned at a separation of roughly 8 km from the city of Gokarna. Two Semi-sickle shapes that combine to look like the image ‘ OM ’ is the purpose of the name of the oceanfront. 


Shiva Temple: 

It is believed that Aatmalinga of Lord Shiva linga was brought here by Ravan which he couldn’t lift back and since then the linga made Gokarna it’s home. The temple is a famous pilgrim place for Shiva worshipers.


Half Moon Beach 

Half- moon beach is such an experience where you get to engage in myriads of conditioning like swimming, kayaking, paddle boats, touring, boarding, etc.  Half-moon is one of the seashores in Gokarna and you can also walk over to it in a scenic journey starting from Gokarna sand and covering the most famous five Gokarna strands in one go. This beach takes its name from its shape of it which looks like a half moon. Besides this, the view of the largely stretched Arabian ocean is jaw-dropping.



 Paradise Beach 

 is Fondly named the ‘ full moon sand, ’ Paradise sand justifies its name. To reach this beach, one has to take a speedboat from OM beach or half- moon beach or travel down from the half-moon beach. 


 Paradise beach measures around 150 meters in length and is an ideal destination for swimming and camping. Around 70 percent of the sand is covered in jewels which makes some picture-perfect high points for photography. 



 Nirvana Beach 

The enrapturing environs of Nirvana make you feel like you’re in an amazing setting. The beach has a relatively long shore area and you hardly find other tourists

 as the route is a little bit unusual.


 Still, it is advisable to carry food and water because there are no such facilities If you’re traveling to Nirvana sand. 

Swimming is a great sport to indulge in but due to the unavailability of lifeguards and important civilization, you must avoid going deep as the ocean has strong currents. 


Gokarna Beach 

 One of the most popular sea shores in Gokarna, Gokarna Beach recently gained recognition for being a surfing point. It’s also famous for its scenic trekking trip.  Located close to the Mahabaleshwara Temple, Gokarna Beach is also known as the place where devotees first come to take a dip before visiting the tabernacle.


This beach gives off some of the most beautiful sights of the ocean and the surrounding hills. Some of the adventure conditioning you can engage in Gokarna Beach include surfing, spurt skiing, as well as trekking.


Things to carry with you


  • Xerox Copy of your Aadhar/ Voter ID( obligatory demand for timber permit) 
  • Water Bottle – 2( 1 liter each) 
  •  Torche with New Batteries 
  •  Shoes with good traction on it. 
  • A cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses


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