How To Draw A Cartoon Rock 

How to Draw a Cartoon Rock

Draw a cartoon rock in just six straightforward steps! Planning any outdoor decor offers many challenges. You have manufacturers and trees to draw with hay, temperature results, and other objects. One would assume that something simple, like a rock, would be easy to remove, but even this type of object can present challenges. This is true even for a stylized approach, and that’s why we’ll cover it in this guide on how to draw a cartoon rock. cartoon drawing

We have an entertaining cartoon depiction of rock for you to work on here, and we’ll do our best to make it as easy as possible! So much so that you follow all the steps we have for you, you’ll get used to it before you know it. Check out this step-by-step guide on drawing a cartoon rock in just six fun and easy steps!

How To Draw A Cartoon Rock – Allows Reach Initiated!

Stage 1

Allow to keep it easy and enjoyable for this first step of this cartoon rock picture. In this first step, we will focus on the strategy of the top half of the stone. You mean that we used a stout line for this design, and you could receive comparable results with a thick-tipped enclosure.

You could make it lighter by counting thickness with a regular pen or make it fairer for your interpretation. Once you’ve removed that face outline, we can haul on to jig two of the manual!

Step 2 – Now, withdraw slightly more from the design.

In this second step of this guide on how to draw a cartoon rock, we’ll add some more of the design of the rock, this time near the base. Larger stones will sometimes have smaller pieces falling off; we’ll also add that detail in this step. First, extend the outline down and around the top section you started.

This is covered in a horizontal section plate at the base. There will also be flat, trimmed edges near the bottom. Finally, end with some small pieces of rock that have broken off. Once you have designated the details in our reference image, you can skip to the next one!

Step 3 – Following, complete the shape of the pebble.

We’ll complete the design of this comic rock strategy before we start counting some of the stylistic and cartoony makings in the following few stages. First, remove another stack of small pebbles disconnected from the enormous stone near the lower right side of the immediate gravel.

Next, we’ll add balanced, hewn boundaries near the base of the rock. The contact picture will show you what it should peek like; then, it’s time to carry on to step 4.

Step 4 – Now remove the front of this funny gravel.

This funny stone already examines excellent, but now we’re bearing to start counting even more characters to it by adding a fun cartoon face to the body of this one. To create, we will first draw the eyes of the face. These are removed using simple oval shapes slanted slightly outward.

You can finish this element with curved lines above the eyes for some eyebrows, adding personality to the face. With those eyes drawn, we’ll move on to some final details, elements, and other ideas in the next step of the guide.

Stage 5 – Count the final pieces to your method

As we said in the earlier step of this principle on removing a comic rock, this action will let you finish the final components and features. First, let’s meet the eyes by removing some miniature round figures inside them. We also counted curved lines from the base of the eyes for extra expression.

The next significant element will be the big smiling mouth on the face, which will have a rounded tongue inside. We also added freckles near the corners of the mouth to complete this fun face. We thought we’d add these final details, but you can add your own too! Can you think of a fun environment to count on this one?

Step 6 – Complete your picture with colour.

You once called the final stage of this rock cartoon sketch, and now we’ll finish it off with some colour. Even though this is an anime cartoon rendition, we chose a reasonably realistic colour palette.


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