Common Mistakes To Avoid When Doing SEO

 One of the scariest things for content marketers is when they are investing days or even weeks of their time and hard work into preparing the content, and it fails to rank in search engines. It commonly happens to several individuals, which is not good. We are constantly creating content to help them reach out to the target audiences for those in search of it. However, there are a few common mistakes in SEO that people often make, and it lets the days and weeks of hard work go in vain to create content.

Sometimes, even the simplest mistakes in SEO prove an expensive affair for the strategies you use in your digital marketing. It even creates the entire marketing plan surrounding the content, which gets completely wasted. Therefore, today we will start discussing a few of the main mistakes in SEO that you should avoid at all costs to keep your SEO strategy for digital marketing intact.

  1. Using inappropriate or un-optimized keywords

One of the most common SEO mistakes is selecting or using improper keywords in the content. In several cases, the content is never used in agreement with the keywords selected. The ranking to the search engine is performed based on whether these keywords are used in content sufficient times in connection to the keywords selection. Therefore, the content will get a bad ranking.

Therefore, the sooner you introduce the keyword phrases in the content, the better the chances it starts ranking higher. Therefore, introducing them organically is the best idea for using them in the initial paragraph of your content.

  1. Not making your content mobile-friendly

Google stated in 2018 that it is by default that they start using mobile-first indexing. Therefore, it became sure that web content that is not mobile-friendly will have a tough time attaining higher rankings in the Google search console. You can test whether the site is at least mobile-friendly or not using the mobile-friendly test of Google.

With several mobile users browsing the Internet daily, Google is bound to prefer sites that load rapidly and are optimized for mobiles compared to the others.

  1. Writing General Content

Individuals making online searches check for informative and quality content matching the queries. Sites with poorly written content for readers. Irrelevant content with the usual writing standards is never beneficial for search engines. But they are essential to ensure your site has standard content for its visitors.

Contents having organized sentences and wordings without grammatical errors and about 300 words are known for their quality content. However, descriptive, lower readability, shorter, and irrelevant content makes Google believe you do not have much information about that specific topic.

  1. Publishing duplicate or plagiarised content

It is the essential SEO mistake under this category, determining the quality of the content. Using duplicate content is massively used at all times. However, these days, it is penalized heavily in the form of degrading the SEO rankings of the site. It is, therefore, considered spam to have plagiarized or copied content on the site. These days, Google checks this factor seriously while determining the ranking of your content in search engines.

  1. Failing to aim at the Long-Tail Keywords

Several content writers aim for precise and short keywords while creating content. They consider the long-tail keywords to bring low traffic. However, in its true self, using long-tail keywords is the best way to enhance the site’s SEO value. While it is often a challenging level, it becomes easier to start ranking in search engines.

Although these keywords have reduced search volumes and are extremely specific and related to businesses, it has better chances for conversion when it caters to a specific set of your customers.

  1. Only targeting the higher traffic keywords

In several cases, the initial thing a professional writer is doing is research for keyword relevancies. Unfortunately, the mistake they are imposing is that they are targeting the high-traffic keywords only as they feel that it would generate more significant traffic to their site while helping with the optimizations of the content within the search engines if you have a potential authorized site domain. At the same time, it is never the ideal way to start ranking if you already have a fresh website.

  1. Not improving or adding Meta Description & Title/Image Tags

You might consider that the addition of the target keywords successfully is the only step involved in optimizing the content. However, the SEO components involved, like the title tags and meta description in the content, should never neglect. Becoming careless in adding the meta description and title tags imposes a severe potential that is missing out from the content. The search engines consider these factors while ranking the site. Therefore, when it is done carefully, there are greater chances for improvements in content performance.

Several marketers often forget to use these factors to inform the search engines to understand whatever the site is about. You should start considering creating sufficient content, however, without addressing the title or image tag and meta description where the search engines cannot understand the context of the content.

  1. Using more minor or not using the proper headings

Heading should consistently deliver a complete message about the content and paragraph. Writing down confusing or shorter headings is quite challenging for the bots of the search engine to determine whatever the content is about. Therefore, you should always be more than a couple of words which is never long enough to convey the entire thoughts.

  1. Improper use of the internal & external links

To make the ideal things from SEO, it is essential to start including quality external links in this content. There are several external links, and the quality matters intensely. It never adds any external links through any site for the sake of its addition to it.

You should ensure that external links are from the higher-ranked, relevant site with higher DA or Domain Authority. Furthermore, having backlinks from sites linked with yours is extremely useful. In the future, it might bring back a significant amount of traffic too.

Parting thoughts

Therefore, if you are still making mistakes with SEO, it is the best time to correct them before they move out of your hand, costing your digital marketing budgets. There are no alternatives to applying SEO tactics to achieve marketing goals. Suppose you continue making these common blunders in SEO, which gets more brutal. However, you might understand the requirements to avoid common blunders in SEO.


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