Check out the 10 most crucial points that you have to remember during the procurement of rubber playground matting.

People often take expert advice to install the best playground floor surface for their favorite little ones. The reality is that they depend on them. Choosing a rubber playground mat for your child is one of the most important things. So, it is crucial to know what to consider when selecting one of the rubber playground mats, such as recycled rubber mulch or playground tiles.

Well, you have found all your equipment and location, and you are all set to go with your child to the newest (or improved) playground, but WAIT! What sort of hade you will use for your child’s playground? – There is two option for playground mats, such as rubber mulch and rubber tiles; which one will you use. Selecting the mats for your child’s playground is very much strenuous, especially when you haven’t done any research into the world of rubber flooring or playground flooring. For this reason, we are here to counsel and support you to pick the absolute rubber playground mats for your child’s playground that will be much better for them, so without wasting any more time, let’s move on to the segment.

Here lie a few questions for rubber playground mats which you have to judge before the procurement of these playground mats:-

1. How tall the equipment of your playground is

The consistency of tiles or abysm of the mulch will decide the height rating as ASTM F1292 had described in (<— ASTM F1292 sets the criteria and specifications for playground equipment).

2. How much the size of the playground is?

The larger the area is the more surface is to cover. If too large, the cost per square foot can seriously influence the initial value of your work.

3. What is your budget for the playground’s mat? 

The original price Vs. enduring price. At initial, the maintenance cost of rubber mulch is a bit lower, however, it requires regular nurture and filling in areas for washed, blown, or carried away. Playground Mats are costlier at first. Although these components are more enduring, it requires little nurture and has a much longer life, which signifies lower cost in the long run.

4. Where do you live?

In what type of climatic area (weather, temperature, and rainfall) do you live? – Although the mulch doesn’t drift, it is still baggy and can be expelled by high winds or flowing water. Tiles will remain in place; you better handle the elements.

5. Are you going to set up the rubber playground mats by yourself? 

Though both options of your rubber playground mat, i.e., rubber tiles and rubber mulch, can be set up by the end-users, however, the tiles will need a little more prep and labor to install correctly.

6. What surface will be underneath your playground flooring?

 Rough surfaces can be covered with the rubber mulch option (the limitation of this may conceal risks like roots, sticks, or glass). The rubber tiles can be best laid – over cement, asphalt, or 3-4 inches of level, crushed and tamped aggregate covered with landscape fabric.

7. Private or public playground? 

Innumerable public playgrounds must be insured or have zoning requirements. Though both the option of rubber playground mats (rubber mulch and rubber tiles) can offer certified fall height ratings, the rubber tiles are a more consistent playground flooring as they cannot be displaced.

8. Need to contemplate the traffic that your playground receives every day?

Though permanence is not the concern for any of the playground matting choices, whether it can be the rubber mulch or rubber tiles. Rubber mulch might be expelled in the highest playground traffic areas since it decreases the fall height protection. Many playground tile manufacturers have the option for a dense EPDM virgin rubber top layer, including permanence and simple clean-up.

9. Do you have any color preferences for your playground floor?

Whether it’s the rubber mulch or rubber tiles, twain choices of these playground rubber matting possess the attributes of primary colors (generally black, grey, blue, green, and red) however, premium playground mating with EPDM virgin rubber surfaces is accessible and can be customized for exciting designs and nearly endless color combinations.

10. How fast do you need your playground surface?

Suppose you are going to order these rubber playground mats (rubber mulch) online – it generally gets delivered within 3 to 8 business days as these samplers are made constantly – so, there should no be any questions about their availability – though rubber tiles are made to order and typically have a lead time of 5 to 15 business days.

The Short Version: – 

So, these are the things that you need to contemplate while going for the procurement of rubber playground mats. The rubber mulch is brisk and affordable, while the rubber tiles are more consistent and have more options.

I still believe that most like you have too many queries revolving in their mind. For them, this entire matter is going to act as a savior to get them in the correct direction. Anyone’s area and usage can be distinct and exceptional. Whatever rubber playground surface you select, you will have years of protection for those visiting your place and the peace of mind knowing you did your part to keep waste tires from landfills.

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