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Camping near Mumbai is always a popular among adventure lovers. Mumbai, the “city of dreams,” may occasionally feel very constricting due to the high population density and pollution. The heart simply longs for a brief escape to a calmer spot because of the annoying traffic and endless crowds of people on the streets. When you look up in the city, you can hardly even make out the stars. In contrast, a fun camping vacation close to Mumbai is exactly what you need to unwind from the exhausting city’s hustle.

You need to move to the side and take a rest as the City of Dreams hurries to keep up with the pace of modern life. It would be great to go camping close to Mumbai if you knew the best resorts. The list reveals 10 really fantastic weekend getaways from Mumbai that are ideal for an afternoon of fun. They are not very far, so you don’t have to sacrifice your vacation time or your spending limit.

However, they will undoubtedly provide a unique camping and adventure experience in utter peace and the midst of nature. The Sahyadri range is conveniently close to Mumbai, so you can always take a drive there to experience tranquilly and closeness to nature. In fact, a weekend retreat close to the city that includes camping, bonfires, and stargazing seems ideal.

Below are some selected sites of camping near Mumbai, where you can enjoy time with yourself:

Pawana Lake

Are you looking for a wild lakeside camping adventure? where forts encircle the lake and you will be surrounded by calm nature? The most popular camping area close to Mumbai is Pawana Lake. Numerous millennials and tourists have been drawn to the dazzling lake to set up camp and have a nice weekend.

You should consider camping in Pawana Lake, which is well situated between Mumbai and Pune. The area is crowded virtually every weekend as visitors swarm there to get away from the city and be embraced by the breathtaking scenery that surrounds Pawana Lake. Numerous activities are available here, such as swimming in the lake, grilling, playing games by the bonfire, stargazing, and other camping-related activities. You may be sure that the campground close to Mumbai will make your stay unforgettable.

Karnala Camping site

The serene Karnala campground is about one hour and a half from Mumbai. The campground outside of Mumbai is well-liked by campers because it is situated close to the well-known Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Fort. Many people decide to drive down to Karnala to go camping from Mumbai and Pune.

The area is very serene in its natural state. You couldn’t have wished for a finer area to stay close to Mumbai with the sound of birds chirping and the stunning waterfall situated inside the campsite. The location is spectacular during the monsoon because the area comes to life with unusual sounds.

Vasind riverside Camping

This peaceful refuge for an excellent camping experience is located not far from the city. The riverside camping excursion near Vasind is one of the well-known camping locations in Mumbai. It would be best to arrive by 4 PM so you could put up your tents and see the sunset.

Set up some tents and build a bonfire to spend the evening by the Vasind River. The atmosphere is quite soothing and tranquillizing to the senses. As you spend time alone, you can turn up the music on your phone, dance a little if you like, and listen to it.


Panchgani, which is close to Mumbai, is a lovely area to visit for camping. It is well known for being encircled by five hills. The charming village nestled in the Sahyadri mountains is the ideal location for a relaxing camping trip. You can either carry your tents or rent one at the summit to view the stars.

In Panchgani, there are several of tours that include a bonfire and stargazing. Camping and stargazing check-in in Panchgani begins at midnight. Do bring your sweaters because the hill station gets very cold. It is a well-liked camping area close to Mumbai that you would appreciate.

Igatpuri dam Camping

Igatpuri, located in the Western Ghats, is a terrific area to get in touch with nature, The perfect weekend break is catered for by this wonderful camping adventure in Igatpuri, which offers ideal views of Maruti Wadi Lake.

Enjoy and make the most of your camping trip, where you can take in the sunrise, go boating on the lake, take in the breathtaking views of nature, relax at the end of the day, and gaze up at the stars far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The tranquilly and allure of the setting will win your heart and inspire you to make only the best memories for yourself.

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