Best Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

An attractive smile can make a major difference to your overall appearance. A healthy set of teeth can boost your confidence and self esteem. An enhanced oral hygiene shall thus, ensure an overall healthy lifestyle. This is when cosmetic dentistry comes into play.


Cosmetic dentistry is gaining momentum over recent years due to the impressive number of benefits served by it, ranging from enhancing your smile to filling up for a missing tooth. Similarly, cosmetic dentistry in Canberra is a remarkable service that you cannot skip to boost your oral health.


Cosmetic dentistry services are widely being offered in different dental clinics and will continue to enjoy thriving popularity. It is not only just an additional ‘nice-to-have’ but also is an influential contributor towards one’s oral health and hygiene.


5 Best Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures


Cosmetic dentistry in Canberra is a branch of dental services that serve multiple purposes. These services involve many procedures and you can choose one from them according to your dental needs. Given below, are 5 most popular cosmetic dentistry methods that you can go through.


Teeth Whitening


Several external factors like regular consumption of beverages, smoking and even aging might lead to the discoloration of teeth. Thus your teeth might lose the original withe color, which needs to be restored through the process of teeth bleaching.


Cosmetic dentistry in Canberra includes teeth whitening services that can help you get rid of stains and discolored teeth. These teeth whitening techniques are safe, hygienic and usually take up to 30-90 minutes, depending on the severity of the discoloration. The end result would fetch you a charming smile with a bright set of teeth.


Inlays and Onlays


Inlays and onlays, collectively referred to as ‘indirect fillings’ in cosmetic dentistry, are placed mostly on the premolars and molars that can fill the space of the cavity. This procedure is mainly used where the damage isn’t excessive enough to use dental crowns.

A major difference between inlays and onlays is the area covered by them. An onlay covers a greater area than inlays. Onlays are placed on the tooth’s cusps while an inlay shall be placed in the small area between the cusps.


Cosmetic Dental Veneers


Dental veneers fix the disrupted appearance of your teeth, give it an attractive and even look. Veneers in cosmetic dentistry offer solutions to various problems like broken teeth, discolored teeth that cannot be improved through bleaching, missing teeth and uneven or irregularly shaped teeth.


Cosmetic dental veneers can last for over a decade, if taken care of properly. Therefore, it is an affordable one-time investment that can fetch you a beautiful smile.


Dental Implants


In cosmetic dentistry, dental implants refer to artificial substitutes like crowns, bridges and dentures that are embedded into your jaws as a substitute for a missing or damaged tooth. It is used for various purposes like restoring your chewing capacity if the natural teeth fail to do so, prevents the jawbones from shrinking and even helps in maintaining the wellbeing of the adjacent teeth by preserving the gums and bone health.


Dental implants are highly beneficial if you suffer a loss of teeth due to severe damage or accidental injury.


Dental Cosmetic Bonding


This is an effective procedure that involves the bonding of the teeth with a tooth color resin material for various purposes like damaged tooth repair, filling teeth gaps and even fixing uneven teeth.


If you have decayed teeth, cosmetic bonding would involve the use of composite resins to fill the cavity decay. It can also help in protecting your teeth roots and prevent further decaying.




Cosmetic dentistry in Canberra is highly reliable if you want to get your overall oral health improved. This branch of dental care services is highly beneficial and can offer you with effective solutions to different oral health issues.


Once you have chosen the type of service you need from the above list, you need to find a reliable dental clinic that includes these procedures. Do refer to the dental professionals’ experience and certification before you select the ideal services for your requirements.






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