Benefits of Massaging a Baby at Night Time

The most precious time in any day to any mother is the few minutes before their baby goes to sleep at night. The baby has had their dinner, been bathed, and changed into their pajamas, and they’re cuddled up beside you on the bed. These precious moments are the best times of day to give your baby the gift of touch through massage, which has many benefits for both parent and child. Here are some of the health benefits of giving your child a massage before bedtime each night, as well as some tips on getting started.

How to do a baby massage?

Before you start, ensure you have everything you need: a clean towel, a comfortable place to sit or lie down, and some gentle oil or lotion. You will also want to make sure your hands are warm.

To begin, gently stroke your baby’s head and face with your fingertips – avoiding the eyes. Then, massage the back of the neck and the scalp. Next, move down to the shoulders, arms, and chest. Finally, massage the legs and feet.

To finish, hug your baby!

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Benefits of Massaging a Baby at Night Time 

There are many health benefits associated with baby massage, including:

Increase in Stomach Movement

In one study on infants, the babies in the massage group had more active bowel movements than those in the control group. This could be due to increased circulation or increased core abdominal muscle strength from decreased spasms. Massages have also been known to help with colic and insomnia.

The goal of a nighttime massage is not necessarily for it to be therapeutic but for it to provide comfort for the baby so that he/she falls asleep easier and wakes up less during the night.

Less Stress for Parents

Some parents are on edge from the moment they leave the office until they return home, and once they arrive, they want to be able to put their babies down and do something productive. Massaging your baby before bed can be one way of decompressing and relieving your anxiety as well as theirs.

Improved Quality Sleep for Babies

Studies have shown that nighttime massages will help infants sleep better. A nightly routine of massage stimulates the baby’s muscles and promotes relaxation, which leads to sounder sleep.

Boosts the Immune System of Babies

There are several ways you can help prepare your baby for the best immune system possible when it comes to boosting your baby’s immune system. First and foremost, you should talk to your doctor about any medications that may be unsafe to use in conjunction with the herb Cat’s Claw. Next, make sure you’re not using medicinal products in your home that contain alcohol or fragrances. Remember that anything you consume will pass through your breast milk, which means it will affect your baby as well.

Reduce Risk of Disease in Babies

If you don’t want to be the only one in the house getting up to rock or nurse your baby back to sleep, you can try massaging them. Babies seem to enjoy it when rubbed, and the motion of being rocked is calming.


Baby massage is a great way to bond with your little one and promote relaxation. With a little practice, you’ll be a pro in no time! There are many health benefits associated with baby massage, including improved circulation, increased flexibility, strengthened immune system, reduced stress levels, improved digestion, and relief from gas and colic. If you’re interested in learning more about baby massage, talk to your child’s doctor or a lactation consultant. They can give you more information on how to get started and offer tips and techniques.

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