Advantages of Using an Electric Shaver

Head shaving is a common practice amongst men to keep their scalp clean, smooth, and even. Men have considered this practice a masculine trait and have been shaving their scalps for ages using a sharp steel instrument, that is, a razor blade. However, although the razor blade has been and is still currently used by men widely, the electric head shaver is rapidly gaining popularity ever since it was introduced in the market.

Another powerful reason for the rising popularity of the electric shaver is the convenience that it offers for shaving sensitive scalps. Today, it has emerged as one of the most sought-after men’s grooming items carried by men, and sometimes women too. This popular shaving device is not only effective in saving time but also provides shavers with a highly-efficient shave, unlike traditional razors.

Still unsure whether to use a powered head shaver to shave your head completely bald? Here’s a list of undeniable benefits that you can enjoy by using an electric shaver on your scalp.

#1. Clean and Smooth Shave

Do you desire to flaunt your bald look just like top bald personalities from Hollywood and other fields of work? Then consider gliding an electric shaver on the contour of your scalp. It’s a great device for getting a smooth head shave as it lifts the hair before chopping it as short as possible. Moreover, you may find several high-end brands offering electric shavers that come with double action features. While using such branded shavers, you’ll notice that a front circular blade lifts the hair with the following blade cutting down the ingrown hair from the roots. Thus, you can experience a clean and smooth shave with an electric shaver without any hair left behind on the scalp.

#2. Reduced Nicks and Cuts

Unlike traditional age-old razors that tend to cause nicks, cuts, and razor burns, electric shavers are less likely to leave your scalp with cuts and abrasions. Thus, using a powered shaver is much safer than a manual razor. Although most men argue about the fact that an electric head shaver can never match a traditional razor blade in terms of closeness, the actual benefit of using a modern-day shaver is the improvement in comfort. Shaving your head with an electric shaver not only allows you to experience a comfortable shave but also reduces the potential risks of causing nicks, cuts, redness, and scalp irritation.

#3. Quick Shave

Apart from offering a comfortable head shave, one of the primary reasons for choosing electric shavers is convenience. While the usage of traditional razors involves a thorough pre-shave routine such as softening the hair follicles and lathering up the scalp, an electric head shaver can be used in both wet and dry conditions. Also, shaving with a razor is an extremely time-consuming process as you need to put short strokes, rinse the blade often, and even re-lather your scalp twice or thrice to get a smooth shave. In contrast, using an electric shaver is quite easy and quick as you just need to turn it on, shave your scalp, and then put it into the cleaning station to get it cleaned and fully charged for the next shave.

#4. Portable

An interesting and appealing thing about using a powered head shaver is that it can be carried anywhere and at any time. You can just put it inside your travel bag and carry it while traveling long distances. Its long battery lifespan and no requirement for a pre-shave routine make an electric shaver handier than a traditional razor. Moreover, when you have a powered shaver in place, you need not worry about carrying or replacing the blades frequently.

#5. Versatile

Modern electric shavers usually come in two forms – corded or cordless. Either way, they offer a wide variety of usage options. Thus, you can actually shave those areas of your scalp easily and conveniently that are hard to shave with a manual razor. Moreover, most electric shavers come with waterproof and quick charging features, making it easier to shaver your head on the go. Whether in the shower or just before a party, electric shavers are the handiest device to achieve a sleek, smooth, and nick-free shave.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read the entire blog, you know the importance of using an electric head shaver. This shaving device is not only easy and convenient to use but also offers other amazing benefits such as providing a fast and clean head shave, saving additional expenses involved in shaving, providing a nick-free head shave, and so on. Although the initial cost of a powered shaver is often more than a traditional razor, it can help you save a lot of your shaving expenses in the long run.

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