Acumen EHR Physician Solutions

Acumen EHR is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) that allows physicians to access patient information from a variety of devices. The company is led by Dana Hensley, who has over 25 years of health systems management and health information technology experience. Before founding Acumen, she was vice president of clinical solutions for McKesson Provider Technologies. She also co-founded IntelliTx Technologies, a health information technology company affiliated with Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Epic Connect

Epic Connect for Acumen EHR is an integrated platform that can make it easier for physicians to manage their practices and patient data. The platform will allow physicians to access patient data and other information from any Epic provider. This includes hospitals and other medical facilities. This feature will help physicians view patient records, schedule appointments, and communicate with patients.

Acumen is a leading provider of electronic health records and patient management software. Its Epic Connect platform was built in partnership with Epic. It is specifically designed to support the new value-based care model. It also features a physician rounding tool, payer integration, embedded analytics, and population health management.

Athena EHR

Acumen EHR is a powerful healthcare software solution. Its dashboard is an easy-to-use, personalized interface that helps users efficiently complete tasks. This means that users will spend less time learning the software and more time providing excellent patient care. The software’s features include a patient portal that makes it easy for patients to access lab results and prescription refills. It also provides an efficient, automated billing solution and helps reduce administrative burdens.

This EHR also helps physicians manage patient records efficiently. Its cloud-based architecture minimizes duplicate work and improves patient engagement. It also has an integrated Practice Management module, which makes it easier to automate administrative tasks.


Acumen EHR Athena is a comprehensive and easy-to-use EHR software. It offers an intuitive dashboard, patient portal, and PCMH support, and is HIPAA and Meaningful-Use-compliant. With its ease of use, security, and lack of legal restrictions, Athena EHR can increase your clinical efficiency.

Acumen EHR is a cloud-based electronic medical record system designed specifically for nephrology clinics. It features a patient portal and real-time data sharing. Additionally, it supports multiple integrations with outside services. Its reports, which can be generated weekly or monthly, offer new perspectives on data. This helps physicians make more informed decisions about patients’ care.

Acumen EHR’s interoperability enables physicians to share patient information with other providers. This means the system works with many different healthcare systems. It helps improve communication and coordination between doctors and specialists. It also supports a variety of standards and protocols, making it easy to integrate with other software. One drawback is that the software is not available for free trials.

Athena 2.0

Acumen EHR Athena 2.0 is a cloud-based and on-premise health IT system that provides integrated practice management, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement capabilities. With this solution, physicians can enhance patient care and engagement, and automate administrative tasks. In addition, this platform supports patient engagement and care coordination. It has an integrated Practice Management module, which streamlines administrative processes and reduces duplication of work.

Acumen 2.0 includes a fully featured patient portal, which provides instant access to patient records. It also has a self-service feature that allows patients to schedule appointments online, clear their bills, and access educational resources. The portal also automatically updates patient profiles, which ensures that patients are informed and engaged with their care. As a result, they receive higher-quality care.

Athena Physician Solutions

Acumen EHR Physician Solutions provides the nephrology community with the latest health IT tools. The company has 20 years of nephrology expertise, and its Epic Connect solution combines a world-class EHR with an integrated practice management system. Both products feature significant interoperability and a strong patient interface.

Athena EHR also includes robust document scanning capabilities to reduce the risk of missing documents and late invoices. The software also enables physicians to focus on their patients instead of on paperwork. Both solutions feature user-friendly dashboards with helpful hints. The software also lets users customize their dashboards to suit their preferences. There are text shortcuts and drop-down menus to make navigation easier.

Acumen EHR is flexible and widely used by doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. With over 100,000 healthcare providers using the software, it allows physicians to track patient appointments, medications, and even telehealth consultations. The system also enables faster check-ins and shorter patient wait times.


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