A perfect itinerary for Andaman


No matter how many times you spend in Andaman it will never seem less. The adventure of exploring and exploring the beautiful surroundings of Andaman is the goal of everyone who travels. Yet, we have designed an affordable and simple, but sweet adventure travel itinerary for you to enjoy.

Day 1: Port Blair


Arrive at Port Blair and check into your hotel of choice. If you’ve booked the hotel rooms and are paying in advance then you’ll have a Hassle Check-in for free. After you have refreshed, you are able to depart to go to Corbyn Cove beach which is highly regarded by every visitor that visits them every year. It is also the location where you can enjoy the historic and patriotic feel of the light and sound display that depicts what it was like for Indian freedom fighters at the historic monument, the cell jail. After you have enjoyed your first great day, you can return to your hotel for dinner, and then rest for the night.


Day 2: Havelock Island


After having a tasty and healthy breakfast , you can go towards Havelock beach. It’s a paradise on the beach. You can enjoy a thrilling excursion through the sparkling and clear waters. Then take a trip to the Radha Nagar beach, which is among the top beaches in Asia that draws millions of visitors from all over the globe. You can enjoy a swim close to the spectacles in the crystal clear and blue waters , and also in the stunning landscapes with an amazing and expansive sky over it. Tourists who visit Andaman or Nicobar Islands always visit Havelock Island because it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Andaman. If you’ve never been to Havelock Island then you have never seen Andaman. After a salty and Sandy day at the beaches, you could stay the night at Havelock Island.


Day 3 : Day in Havelock Island. Havelock Island


Imagine waking up with an expansive and unimaginable panorama of crystal turquoise waters right in front of you from the first time you walk in your door. What a beautiful morning than this could be. I do not know about others, but it is my ideal scenario of waking to such a stunning island and its stunning beauty of Havelock. I guarantee this will be the morning you will have in the 3rd day in the Andaman as well as Nicobar trip. After breakfast, you are able to go sightseeing at the Havelock beach. How can you not forget to sunbathe and take the amazing and Instagram photos that you can post. This will be one of the most memorable and amazing memories of your life. Or you could say it was you’ve had a dream time in your life. The second day of exploring and sightseeing on Havelock Island and have your second night here.


Day 4: Kalapathar beach


After having the most delicious breakfast and Havelock you’ll get out of the hotel room, and head off to your next adventure on the beach in KalaPathar beach. We’ll continue toward KalaPathar beach. It’s another fantastic adventure here. It is possible to view this blending landscape of Havelock and the Andaman Islands a variety of views and angles. Take a look at the Blue water and snap the best photos which you’ll love when the trip is finished. After spending and exploring the whole day at Kala Patthar Beach, we’ll take a tasty dinner before returning in Port Blair to rest in the hotel. As the name suggests, it is distinctive to the beaches and the beach is distinctive by itself. The beauty of the beach is not going to allow you to leave this spot. Once you’ve reached Port Blair you can relax and get ready for the following day’s journey because it’s the time to leave Andaman as well as Nicobar Islands.


Day 5: Return home


Then, you will leave the hotel. Make sure you take everything you have, put in your bags with care, eat breakfast and then take off for the airport. While you’ll be missing this gorgeous place, you’ll be returning with an many memories. Andaman will not leave. it is possible to return with a different tour package that includes many more thrilling attractions and days of time to spend in this beautiful and unforgettable heaven located in India.


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