4 Effective Remedies for Receding Gums that Work Well

If you are facing dental problems such as receding gums, then you are not alone in this world. According to an estimation, half of the population of the USA above thirty years of age experience gum recession. The levels of gum recession may vary.

You may also experience receding gums when you are a teen. However, some remedies can work well against receding gums. If they are severe it will be better to get help from the best dentist in Karachi. Because receding gums is not a problem that you can easily ignore. 

Some people with receding gums don’t try home remedies as well as medications to overcome this problem. As a result, receding gums become a major dental problem. And it may be difficult to combat severe receding gums.

When there are initial symptoms of receding gums, immediately try home remedies or seek some effective medications. There are some symptoms such as shrinking gums that can indicate receding gums. Gum diseases or other medical problems such as inflammation can be a major cause of this dental problem.

In addition, when bacteria tend to grow on your teeth or gums, the result will be in the form of receding gums or tooth decay. Neglecting the overgrowth of bacteria or the inability to brush your teeth will make problems severe.

In the near future, unfortunately, when you experience receding gums, take measures to combat it at the initial levels. These measures will be effective in preventing severe complications.

Remedies for Receding Gums

Here are remedies to reduce receding gums that will effectively work for people who are experiencing this dental problem for quite some time:

1. Regular Use of Antioxidants

According to a meta-analysis, that was conducted in 2019, there is an effective role of antioxidants that work well against gum inflammation. Consuming antioxidants, every day for some time, can effectively reduce gum bleeding. In addition, it can also reduce plaque as well as it can also improve the link between the teeth and gums.

Green tea is a common antioxidant, which is also full of EGCG. Therefore, it will be effective in improving teeth and gum health. When you consume one to two cups of green tea every day, the consumption of supplements that are full of lycopene and extract of green tea will promote gum health.

In addition, it can also help you if you chew the chewing gums of green tea will also reduce gum bleeding as well as plaque formation. Similarly, people are also using sage to reduce pain and other dental problems. In many countries, people with dental problems are chewing sage leaves.

Some people also make a cup of tea from these leaves and this tea like other teas works well against oral problems.

2. Oil Pulling

A study indicates that oil pulling which is an ayurvedic practice can bring a reduction in plaque in patients with gingivitis. Many people don’t know the way of oil pulling. That’s why we will tell you the best way of oil pulling.

Swish a tablespoon of coconut oil, and try to use pure and high coconut oil, around your mouth for almost twenty minutes. This process of swishing will help you in pulling oil between your teeth. After swishing, spit out the coconut oil and don’t swallow it.

After spitting out the oil, you can rinse your mouth with lukewarm water because it will clean your mouth and there will also be no taste of coconut oil in your mouth. In addition, you can also brush your teeth to get rid of this taste.

Some people, as a traditional remedy, are also using sesame oil to overcome this problem. However, some medical studies indicate that coconut oil will be more effective than sesame oil against dental problems such as receding gums.

3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids can be effective in improving gum health and can also bring an improvement in the attachment of teeth and gums. Additionally, the use of this nutrient can also reduce gum inflammation, even scientific studies prove this.

You can get or find this nutrient from seeds or nuts. People who consumed three hundred milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids for twelve weeks experienced an improvement in the gum pocket. This consumption also brought a reduction in gum inflammation as well. There are also chances that omega-3 fatty acids will also prevent chronic periodontitis.

4. Aloe Vera

People know aloe vera just because of its efficacy against skin problems. Because it is a major ingredient in many creams and other products that dermatologists recommend against skin problems. But the use of aloe vera can also improve gum health as well as periodontal diseases.

The use aloe vera will bring a tightness in your teeth after increasing collagen production. You can apply aloe vera gel to your gums and teeth for getting rid of receding gums.

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